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Dissertation Final Presentation

Social Media & MCS: towards a framework

Jacopo Radaelli

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Dissertation Final Presentation

SOCIAL MEDIA FRAMEWORK MCS CASE STUDIES RESULTS ACTION RESEARCH Literature Review SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW Gaps MCS: drawbacks of traditional methods (out-of-touch, internally focused, the distortion of information).
SM: internal strategy, usage of technology, community influence. “A group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content"[Kaplan & Haenlein, 2009]. Definition 1.43 Billions of users in 2012
19,2% more users respect to 2011
96% of companies increase investments in 2012 In numbers METHODOLOGY IN THE COMPANY Results [Haeflinger, Monteiro, Foray and von Krogh, 2011] STRATEGY
Value Creation
Value Appropriation
SS as a tool
SS as a mediator
Boundary Social software enables the use of social media contents in the companies according to the following dimensions: CONCLUSIONS CASE STUDIES EXPERIMENTATION MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM Goals It is an assembly of different instruments which are adopted by an organization for pursuing its goals, maintaining viable patterns of behavior [Azzone, 2006].

The output is represented by INDICATORS and MODELS of the company. BACK-UP Support decision making, Motivation, External accountability. EVIDENCE OUT OF CASE STUDIES Use of Social Media MCS & SOCIAL MEDIA INDICATORS EVIDENCE OUT
OF CASE STUDIES Implementation of Social Media Social metrics These metrics are correlated to the characteristics of the network, describing the use of social media. Concrete examples of this kind of KPIs are centrality, closeness, betwenesses [Wasserman & Faust, 1994] These indicators are quite a novelty, they comes from the social media web analytic and CRM. Usually they are created to measure a specific objective, for example to measure the brand awareness I can employ the fan of a FB page. - level of easiness of implementation is depending by nature of company (technological companies use SM much wider).

- level of assurance (some products are not spoken on the SM and most probably would not).

- strategy on the market (orientation on the SM). EXPERIMENTATION EXPERIMENTATION Word cloud Clustering Frequency of terms Taxonomy clusters Our action research is reviewing two important decision-making points, that are: MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEMS
Co-supervisor: Ing. Deborah AGOSTINO Master Graduation Thesis by:
Student Id. number: 760799
Student Id. number: 762778 Academic year 2011 - 2012 Conceptual Framework INDICATORS TYPES MEASUREMENT More than 50 web-sites analyzed
Web-crawling 128 thousands comments collected
Text-mining & Sentiment analysis done Performance Output of experimentation: High Timeliness
Low Measurability
Good Precision
Good LT orientation
Completness depends on the set chosen
Specific responsability depends on the specific indicator Nature of contents, dividing indicators in punctuated and text-derived.
Source of information, which can be from Paid, Owned and Earned.
Network characteristics, orienting the measures on the tie or the node. Results cross-cases Results of the experimentation Triangulation empirical evidence
vs theoretical framework Real use of SM inside the companies
Who? How? Where?
Future perspectives Competences needed
Technical specifications USES Scientific - <90 papers
Practitioners - 20 relevant sites Synthetic evidence, matrix
Graphs, charts, classifications Development of 2 real project
for medium firm for Italian and Russian markets, implementing use of Social Media 8 interviews with the biggest companies
that are using, developing and consulting
regarding Social Media Action Research Literature review Case studies 1. How to deepen positions on Italian market; 2. To enter or not Russian market. AGENDA Literature Review Gaps MCS: drawbacks of traditional methods (out-of-touch, internally focused, the distortion of information).
SM: internal strategy, usage of technology, community influence. OBJECTIVE OF RESEARCH WORK The objective of the dissertation is the presentation of a new framework concerning MCS related to the use of big data coming from social media to create more sustainable model supported by new kind of indicators. Network metrics In order to support the strategic decision-making process of the firm we have elaborated the data from the Social Media represented in synthesized KPIs. Thank you for attention! ? Analysis of Information:

2.Structured texts (metadata)
3.Filtering texts
4.Washing texts/ Preparing texts
5.Tokenize: metadata at the level of the words/phrases
6.POS tagging
8.Reconstruction of the lemmed phrases
9.Phrases matching
10.Reduction of the dimension
11.Word matching
12.Summarising matching at the words and phrase level
13.Sentiment analysis rule-based
14.Text mining
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