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World's 1st 3D Printing Pen...

No description

Colin Tierney

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of World's 1st 3D Printing Pen...

How Does it Work?
Wobble Works
Boston, MA
Created in 2011
Maxwell Bogue and Peter Dilworth
Toy and Robotics
"We want to create affordable, cutting edge products that inspire and delight our customers the world over."
Troody the Dino
SWOT Analysis
Evaluation Strategy
Comparing Results
Take Action to Results
Positive Results
Negative Results
World's 1st 3D Printing Pen...
Imagine a pen that allows you to lift your drawings right off the page. Welcome, the 3Doodler.
518 Degrees Fahrenheit
3mm ABS Plastic
1 foot strand can produce 11 feet of art
Environmental Forces
Social Forces
Must be 12+ to use
Product could be much more successful if was safe for even children to use
Safety hazards prevent this
Economic Forces
Cheaper than a 3D Printer
Social Responsibility
Technological Forces
Innovative, compact, and easy to use
Uses to types of environmentally friendly plastics
ABS- recyclable
PLA- biodegradable
Environmental Forces
Regulatory Forces
Instruction manual
online tutorials
One-year limited warranty
ABS plastic
PLA plastic
Environmental Forces
Product Strategy
Prospective Buyers
Psychological Influencer
Launch the product as is
Most expensive stage
Research & Development
Consumer testing
Small market size
Most competitive stage
Must make alterations to make product more desirable
Sleeker design with a recharbable battery
Focus on safety
to target younger children
Major psychological influences are:
A persons creative and artsy personality may drive them to purchase the 3Doodler
Their motivation to be a more creative person may drive them too as well
Situational Influencer
5 Situational Influences
Purchase Task
Social Surrounding
Physical Surrounding
Temporal Effects
Antecedent States
Social Surroundings involves the other people with you when you shop
A parent with a child is more likely to buy them the 3Doodler
Socioculturl Influences
Popular Sociocultural Influences are:
Opinion Leaders
The power of Word-of-Mouth
One way 3Doodler could make use
of this influence would be to higher
a prominent artist or celebrity to promote
their product
Innovative Individuals
Young Creative Minds
Design Professionals
Demographics: 12-25
Psychographics: share need for captivating entertainment and education
Geographics: suburbs with schools, urban college areas
Demographics: 25+
Psychographics: collective need for a tool to visualize and convey ideas to others
Geographics: urban business areas
Product Positioning
Differentiation Positioning Strategy
Tageting Two Segments
For the creative professional with a need to convey ideas to others, the 3Doodler is an innovative tool enabling inventive expression.
For the imaginative mind desiring continual entertainment, the 3Doodler is a revolutionary gizmo prodiving its users with endless artistic fun.
Market Research
Focus Group
Ability to draw in 3D
Can be used in many ways
Stresses Creativity
Hard to use at first
Social Media
Gadget Websites
What we Found:
Mostly Positive
Some people concerned with price
Most people found themselves creative
Most people said they would reccommend this product to a friend
Most people said they would prefer to pay $50-$75 instead of the $99

Pricing Strategy
26,457 backers on Kickstarter
Raised $2,344,134
Price Skimming: Charging a high price for a high end product
Distribution Strategy
Working with Hong Kong to Mass Produce, that will allow us to expand our distribution globally
New Partner Etsy
Creating a larger target to market
Channel to consumers via interacting Ad Media
No need for personal selling
Image Think
Company begins to benefit from economies of scale
Profits increase
More money should be spent on advertising amd promoting the product
Promote with Groupon
Market size will shrink
People have already bought the product
Is no longer "new"
Different Capabilities
Architect Tom Wright
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