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No description

Tazim Khan

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of Prezume!

Cape Town, South Africa
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
moved to
well i was born in...
welcome to my prezume!
My name is
Mohammad Tazim Khan

Who am I??
Where do I study?
Faculty of medicine
GPA: 3.94/4
Year of joining: 2012
Year of expected graduation: 2019
Let me tell you about me
As for me
Campus activities and leadership activities
an active volunteer of
My interests and hobbies
I am mostly involved with Photoshop, my
talent is involved with card making
(depending on events), background editing,
text editing.
some of my greatest work
plus I am a beginner photographer
some of my beginner shots
Why choose me to become the prezi representative at Alfaisal university?
I think I will be an excellent ambassador
How do I plan to enhance prezi in my university?
I am well experienced with prezi, I use Prezi to make most of my presentations
I am creative and I have the ability to draw the attentions of students towards something interesting
First I will make a small introduction secession for introducing Prezi to all the students.
This will include students joining Facebook group for Prezi in Alfaisal University.
Flyers will be sent around to the students.
later in my days of being an ambassador I will start arranging prezi competitions.
These competitions will include grand prizes for the winners and many other prizes for participants.
Once the Prezi is made popular I will make a community for Prezi users where each members will be given a membership card and we shall share ideas and create various Prezi presentations for various events.
These are my plans so far hopefully some other ideas shall kick in.
Founder/ organiser/ chairman of Alfaisal Billiards club
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Contact info
Email: khan.tazim@yahoo.com
Skype id: Talkative. Tazim
Facebook: Tazim Khan
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