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How is it Traveling? TravelSmart Local Government

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Kylie Murphy

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of How is it Traveling? TravelSmart Local Government

How is it Traveling?
Evaluating the Local Government
TravelSmart Officer Program Creating communities where people choose to walk, cycle or use public transport more. Department of Transport

Provides local governments with seed funding to employ a TravelSmart Officer Reduce car use Traveling through the years Promote and enable active transport Act as an internal advocate Provide community education TravelSmart Officers 2000 2006 2009 2012 First TravelSmart Officers Employed Second grant round offered with support of AGO Third round of funding Fourth round of funding Melville
South Perth Victoria Park
Claremont Belmont
Stirling Gosnells
Mandurah Cambridge
Vincent Geraldton
Wanneroo TravelSmart Local Government has

an estimated benefit cost ratio of 2.5:1
with net annual benefits to the community of $1.6 million, including reduced congestion and vehicle operating costs, and;
an annual financial return to the WA Government of $0.86 million. The program is estimated to have saved 4.8 million VKT in 2010-11, or 1,440 tonnes of GHG emissions. Getting Results Development of Plans DoT's Role Seed Funding
HR Assistance
Monthly Network Meetings
Professional Development
Ongoing assistance
TravelSmart Awards TravelSmart Household TravelSmart Schools TravelSmart Workplace Promotional Campaigns PBN Grants Events and Programs What's your flavour? Infrastructure Behaviour Change Consider whether a more structured approach to the location of new TSOs within each local government would be beneficial Fund training in policy development and negotiation skills Build on current practice, to extend the capture and sharing of knowledge & experience Evaluating the TravelSmart Local Government Program Investigate recommending a minimum level of operational funds Increase the profile of TravelSmart activities among senior executives
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