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Children’s Health Awareness Presentation

No description

Carl Mills

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Children’s Health Awareness Presentation

Children’s Health Awareness Presentation
Discuss the importance of physical activity for the developing child and provide examples.
Without physical activity we would not develop the nessacary skill to function, or would be extremely behind the masses in development. Also physical activity helps with weight, muscle, and even our social lives. Some good examples of physical activity are walking, running, jump rope, and for a challegen rollorskating.
Discuss the impact that families and the community can have on children’s health and physical activity.
An active family is a healthy family, and often when a family is active together they are closer toward each other. As apose to a family that doesn't do actives together, or at all. Its like they say a family that plays togther stays togther. The most important issue is howeve health of the family, and an active family is more healthy than an inactive one, so please be active with your family for healths sake.
Identify at least three examples of physical activities and at least three examples of healthy eating practices that families can implement at home.
Three activities my family take part in weekly are bike rides, rollorstaking, and daily exersize. Three healty eating habbits are have salad with dinner, stop drinking any soda,and bake your foods as apose to frying.
ConclusionIdentify at least three local resources for families to make healthy lifestyle choices within your own community (e.g. a local 5K race, farmer’s market, sports programs, drug rehabilitation).
In our town we have the stake palace, boys/girls souths, and H and H gymnastices, and we are involved in them all
There are 2 stages in early childhood development, the first being Infancy(1month-3 years). In this stage children learn to walk, lift head, and climb stairs with help. The next stage is Preschool(3-6yo). In this stage children learn to run smoothly, jumping jacks, and jump over objects.
Describe stages of motor development for young children.
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