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Your Online Presence: Brand Yourself Effectively Online and Use Social Media to Enhance Your Job Search

Thunderbird School of Global Management - Career Management Center

Sara Korn

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Your Online Presence: Brand Yourself Effectively Online and Use Social Media to Enhance Your Job Search

Same Rules,
Different Location The rules of social engagement haven't changed [Social media is simply a new tool with which to interact] What Are They Looking For? Can they do the job? Do I like them?
Will they fit well on our team? [Select out based on skill set] [Select in based on social, cultural, and communication factors] Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn vs Consider the Lego Paradox The first message your brand should convey is that you can fill that specific role. Then upsell them on what else you can do. What other skills do they bring? [Justify the selection] + Privacy Settings Your name in upper right > Settings
Three levels: Connections, Network, Everyone What's Your Policy? Your Personal Brand Should... Do You Have a Personal Brand? What Does Google Tell People About You? How others experience you and what they value about you. Your unique value proposition. Everyone has a personal brand. Do you control yours? Area of expertise?

Unique value proposition?

Socially active?

Do you get a favorable impression? Sure, you can make all kinds of things with Legos. But employers need to build something specific. Clearly communicate the specific type of role you are seeking What Is Your LinkedIn Profile Strategy? Clearly show your qualifications for your next role If everyone who visits your LinkedIn profile only remembers one thing about you, what do you want that one thing to be?

What are three things that support this focus? Confusing Tips for a Strong LinkedIn Profile Informative headline
* Easy to understand and remember Making the Most of LinkedIn Always personalize your connection request message How will you separate personal and professional relationships on social media?

What is your purpose on each site?

What is your policy on connecting with people each social media site? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Google+ And of course… Post responsibly
Brand Yourself Effectively Online and Use Social Media to Enhance Your Job Search Your Online Presence By Sara Korn
Marketing & Communications Manager
Career Management Center
Thunderbird School of Global Management What did you learn? Get strong recommendations
* Relevant, achievement-specific
* Suggest what to include
* Supervisors, senior staff, clients, co-workers
* ~1-3 professional recommendations per job Appropriate professional photo Strong summary ~Your value proposition~
* Concise, clear explanation of your top skills
* Focus on key relevant accomplishments
* Easy to read: Short paragraphs, lists, etc. Put relevant keywords in "specialties" area Customize your profile URL Fully complete your profile http://learn.linkedin.com/ Engage in group discussions Answer questions on your area of expertise Post regular updates Remember to be authentic! Gear in upper right > Settings > Tweet privacy
Public by default. Privacy options very limited. Arrow in upper right > Privacy Settings
Four levels plus customization options: Close Friends, Friends, Friends except Acquaintances, Public, Custom
In-line audience selector for posts (in addition to privacy settings) LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Don't spam Make interactions personal Have something interesting to say. Overview The importance of a personal brand What recruiters are looking for Your professional brand on LinkedIn Your social media policy Privacy settings What did you decide? What did you decide? Questions? Questions? Make your profile public Questions?
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