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Dorothy Perkins Rebranding

No description

Megan MacKinnon

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Dorothy Perkins Rebranding

Packaging Polly Newton, Laura Paterson, Amy Questiaux, Emily-Rose Pethick and Tanith Williamson Current Identity No Differentiation Target Market Mid-level income New Identity Brand Story Sexy Logo Wide Target audience Out Dated Confused Weak brand identity Lack of Integration Varied product range Woman Strong British Sleek Heritage of lingerie Independent Likes to look good, but doesn't follow 'trends' Plays different roles: employee, partner, friend, mum Store Interior
Large Store Concession Positioning Map Decorative lighting Store Atmosphere Sleek Atmospherics Store Experience The Virtual Store Mannequins Mannequins New Window Display Window Display Point of Sale Fixtures and fittings Colour Staff Behavior Online Interface New exterior Powerful Simple Concession Product display Purple Denotes
-Lowers blood pleasure -Easy on the eye
-Perceived as being for mature customer
-Looks expensive Cream Purple -Signature Dorothy Perkins scent

- Musky


-Sold in Concession store, create exclusivity Music -Up and coming British artists

-Recognisable music, but not well known -Style advisers

-Highly skilled

-Hired due to in-depth fashion knowledge

-Experience with women of all sizes

-Trained by DP and certificates are gained which will be displayed in store Shop assistants- Larger store Concessions- Underwear store -Style advisers with experience and expertise in bra fitting Fitting Rooms Female 30-45 years old Logo Strong Luxurious Bold Confident Convenient Logical Welcoming Store Layout-
Small Store Inspiration Lighting My Account Empowered Elegant Sophisticated Lighting Large Store Concession Interface Content Shop by Trend Convenient Layout Interactive Engaging Content Customized Secure Useful
Ease of use Personal
Variety New Positioning Bold Canon Trends Movement Transitional Appealing Concession Packaging Scent
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