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Temporary and Seasonal Migrants (Japanese in Pacific)

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Maia Sanders

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Temporary and Seasonal Migrants (Japanese in Pacific)

Temporary and Seasonal Migrants
Temporary and Seasonal Migrants:
Generally associated with agriculture and tourism; seasonal agricultural migrants follow crop cycles, moving from place to place to plant or harvest crops.
Circular Migration:
the temporary and usually repetitive movement of a migrant worker between home and host areas, typically for the purpose of employment
brain drain, poor working conditions, forced labor, and the inability to transfer acquired skills to home economies
Japanese Agricultural Workers:
Moved to the Pacific for employment from the harvest season, then migrated back to Japan after the season was over.
Japanese went to:
Americas along the Pacific coast
Thursday Island
New Caledonia
Term for a Japanese worker who plans to return to their homeland after making money in a foreign land for a couple of years
Ex. of Agricultural Work:
Sugar plantations in Hawaii (3 years contract)

Essential Question
EQ: What other reasons explained why people migrated?
Besides Circular Migration for agricultural purposes, people migrated for various other employment reasons.
Technological farming advancements led to less jobs in the agricultural industry, leading to migration to the cities for industrial factory jobs.
Some migrated as a punishment for crime
Ex. British criminals were forced by the British government to migrate to Australia
By Maia Sanders
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