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galapagos islands

No description

makenna houston

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of galapagos islands

grilled fish
shrimp how the islands were formed some of the islands were formed over 4 million years ago formed on a hot spot kind of like hawaii formed Galapagos Islands who discovered Galapagos Islands Hotels and Accommodations Arts and Culture
biking mts bike $1 per hour ride bus for 30cents
taxi tour 16$
museum 2$ The hotels are generally
around $5-10 a night Some of the statues are formed and look like The Easter Island statues. Tomas Berlanga's ship crashed
into the islands by accident.
Some say the Incas discovered
them many,many years ago.
Charles Darwin studied the islands also. food The islands have
alot of temples. Outdoor Recreations sports
scuba diving
explore acient Inca sites
explore the avenue of volcanoes
sea kayak
Historic Sites The pelican of Galapagos Marga Gomez
was a singer Money Savers
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