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Myself as a learner presentation

No description

Marissa Swecker

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Myself as a learner presentation

Marissa Swecker Myself as a learner "You as a Learner" Past: Present Future I didn't create time to look over notes I did not study I wasn't intrigued with anything that was going on in the class room Now, I make sure I can sit down and study I focus on my work and try to get everything
done before it's due I am organized and excited about going to class I want to have motivation to start my career I do not want to lose interest in my major I want to be completely focused on my school work "Your Learning Style" My Learning Styles Visual Preference Kinesthetic Preference I like taking organized notes I organize my information in lists I am sensitive to the way things look I remember what I read I learn best by doing things over and over again I need to be active I am not a great speller I study with music How will this information help me in school? Knowing that I need organized notes that contain graphs and bullets helps me a lot. When I go to take notes I know that it will be easier for me to understand the content when it is grouped in lists. Adding short breaks in between my study will allow me to refresh my mind and move around for a little bit. I know that I have difficulty spelling so I need to be extra careful when I write papers to go back and check. Lastly, when I go to review my notes for a test, if I keep writing them over and over again it will be easier for me to remember the material, and it will be pounded in my head. Holland Code 25 Organizer Confident Organized Procedural 20 Adventurer Active Fast-Paced Open-Minded 19 Giver Emotional Harmonious Peacemaker 16 Thinker Rational Realistic Literal My Holland Code influenced my decision to become a psychologist I am very organized and dependable. I discipline myself and others when something needs to get done. I always have to plan my days with what I have to get do. Most of all I am confident. To become a psychologist I have to be all of those things. I need to be dependable so people know that they can always come to me, and if I am not organized then there is a chance that I could lose all the paper work I needed for an appointment. Psychologists help bring out the confidence in people and I would not be able to do that if I didn’t have confidence in myself first. I am also an adventurer, I am very active and I work at a fast pace. I can be open-minded and imaginative. I am also very competitive. Some people may not realize but psychologists also need these skills as well. It is good to be active because I would be constantly thinking and finding ways to help my patients get through what they need to. If I was not active, I would be lazy, and a lazy mind cannot help people. Working at a fast pace is important because I would have to make appointment times, I cannot go over with someone and interfere with another person’s appointment. If I wasn’t open-minded it would be hard for me to relate to my patent’s problems, and I would need to be imaginative to come up with new and exciting ways to help them overcome those same problems. Being somewhat of a giver means I am very emotional, caring, sociable, trusting, and a peacemaker. Being emotional can sometimes be a downfall when you’re a psychologist. I would not want to be too emotional and start crying when the patient is crying; I need to be strong when they are upset. It is a good thing that I am caring and sociable, if I wasn’t caring towards other people then I most likely wouldn’t even want to be a psychologist, and if I was not sociable, then I wouldn’t like talking to different people. It is very helpful that I am trusting and a peacemaker because that is what a psychologist needs to be. People will not come to you if they can’t trust you, and if I didn’t want to create peace, why would I want to help people? Helping people find peace in their selves is something I always wanted to do. I am also a little bit of a thinker. The aspects of a thinker that I have is being rational, having problem solving skills, being realistic, and logical. Being rational is very important characteristic to have in a psychologist because you have to be very balanced with your patients. You need to know what they can handle and what they cannot. Having problem solving skills is also very important, psychologist need to know how to solve the problems in their patient’s heads, and how to get them back on the right track. If I wasn’t realistic, I would not give my patients the right information that they need to know. I would tell them that they didn’t have a problem when they really do. I would hold back information instead of being reasonable and telling them how to help themselves. Lastly, it is a good thing that I am logical, because I need to know how to help my patients. During my time at CCBC Essex I plan on getting my AA in Humanities and Social Sciences, by studying psychology. I have planned out my schedule all the way till fall 2014. My class schedule will first be full of electives and then I’ll finish with my degree requirements. By fall 2014 I will be finishing my last semester at CCBC Essex and I will be looking to transfer to Towson University. If I make it into Towson with all my credits transferring over I will start to begin my study of Counseling Psychology. If I keep a 3.0 GPA I can start an internship at Alternative Directions. This internship is exactly what kind of job I want. The internship helps women cope and better their selves when they get out of prison. Most people regress and find their way back to jail after they have been released; this program helps the people out and allows them to find a way to fit back into society. Mission Statement My career I want to major in Counseling Psychology I would be trained to support individuals with mental health problems and those with difficulty coping with the challenges of everyday life I would also be able to counsel individuals with personal, social, vocational, and educational concerns I will be working in a variety of settings Community mental health agencies Group homes University career and counseling centers Rehabilitation programs Substance abuse treatment centers Psychiatric hospitals The Training I will Need Once I get to Towson University I will be starting my Master’s I will then work to become a licensed clinical professional counselor I will have to accumulate 1,000-3,000 supervised hours Then I will continue my work in the post-master’s program This is where I can get licensed as a clinical professional counselor The skills I will need Organized Dependable Confident
Sociable Giving Peaceful Trusting Rational Formal Open-Minded These skills will help me get to where I want to be, and once I am there to continue with my work, and help my future patients achieve a better life.
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