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A Journey

Caitlin's senior presentation

caitlin dube

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of A Journey

Negaunee MSU Nursing? Chemical Engineering? Environmental Economics
and policy Spanish as a hobby Engagement Amnesty International Bailey Scholars Kaitlyn MacDonald ANR 210 passive
tugged on but no stretch
confused, yet interested
Spring 2007 Freshman Seminar in Mérida, México passport (certified liberty)
culture I, Caitlin Dube, pledge to incorporate an international, accepting, and critical perspective in my everyday life. I will not hesitate when faced with challenges and I will seek out guidance when the challenge is overwhelming. Through self-reflection, my flexibility will as assessed. Integrity and self-realization are my life long topics of concern. I hope to evolve with each life experience, recognizing the lesson learned and its present and future value. I also vow to use sun-block whenever possible. Spring 2006 IVAC Cuervnavaca, México cause
volunteering or
community engagement?
friendships + fun
diversity inequality Summer 2006 Co-op
community fall 2006 Michigan Natural Association
Internship Fall 2005 apartment living Summer 2007 Inclusion space Ecuador fall 2007 - spring 2008 Middle 12 integrity
creativity YOGA peace center reflection Lucy Manuel learning
dialogue Spanish as a skill summer 2008 unpacking
faux Post traumatic
stress disorder
fall 2008 IVAC vice-president (hello responsibility) ANR 310 difficult
feminine! + Howard
respect Winter Break Trip México, guatemala, belize student site leader Rachel Moore, Glenn Sterner
& Eric cova Relationships spring 2009 Resident Assistant Now you want me to "CREATE" community?!!! integrity revisted
friend vs. mentor
summer 2008 Fall 2009 reconnect yoga Ecuador (otra vez) respect
trust spring 2010 IVAC : President ANR 410 the most
class I've ever
taken Teach for America?
Citizen Schools?
??? Graduation Boston +1 Carlos Fuentes family Photography


expression read Slept searched Henri Cartier Bresson arthur leipzig Fernando vicente remedios Varo
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