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Sand Dollar

No description

vanesa vela

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar
A Sand Dollar is a flat, round, Sea Animal that lives in the Ocean beneath the Sand.
What classification is the Sand Dollar?
The Sand Dollar belongs to a group called Echinoidea.
Sand Dollars move slowly through the Sand, they eat small particles in the Ocean but eat mostly Algae. They are related to Sea Urchins.
When an Organism becomes better adjusted to its environment.
A Sand Dollar can Camouflage its self into Sand.
They can go under the Sand to hide from Predators.
Some Sand Dollars can clone themselves when they sense Predators.
They have become extremely flattened.
They are able to grind Sand.
Food Chain
Producer / Autotroph - Algae
Herbivore - Sand Dollar (Primary Consumer)
Herbivore - Small Fish (Secondary Consumer)
Carnivore - Duck (Tertiary Consumer)
Sand Dollars live in the Ocean. Their Niche is in the Sand.
Food Web -

Sand Dollar
Star Fish
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