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John Doe

on 23 January 2018

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Transcript of MBA CSEA

Atlanta, Georgia

Why Rejection is Awesome, beat fear one rejection at a time
Jia Jiang

Rejection, and the fear of rejection, can be overcome and celebrated
Rejection should be channeled as an "inspiration to improve and work harder"
IE. Walt Disney - "fired from his newspaper job because the editor thought he lacked imagination"
It teaches us the value of patience and persistence
IE. sometimes no means, not right now
Courage is a muscle and each time it is exercised, it is strengthened
Improves empathy

RENT "forget regret or life is yours to miss"
Embrace your Circumstances:

Key Insights:
Adaptability enables one to move through change to reveal new possibilities understanding the markets you are in, and the students you are receiving (milennials) and move to bring these together.

Some Ideas
: Empowering students to do more on their own, earlier the better to spend time on value add coaching (Keller model- build attention (online), motivate with confidence (in-person coaching), practice relevance (learning labs)

Implications for CM
: Move from transactional i.e. resume assignment, high task component maintenance to transformational using competencies to create brain synapsis (student OWNS it)
The Millennial / Gen Z Transformation
Crystal Kadakia
"Understanding the many misconceptions surrounding Millennials"
Recognize they have grown up in an information continuum.
Employers and educators alike need to consider seamlessly integrating the digital world, rote tasks & the physical environment
Millennials are driven by the 'YOLO' concept - 'you only live once'
Key Insights
: Know your Audience -5 key phrases that describe millennials
Productivity redefined
Respect (authenticity & transparency)
Agile -Primed for Immediacy
Some ideas:
Learn to attract, engage and retain
their spirit while in training.
Implications for CM
: how we conduct our business
as a business partner with students -design programming that targets milennials where/how they value not what we value

From Classroom to Cloud (Taking IT Online)

Yale shared their recent shift in CM landscape to a virtual, interactive, integrated curricular CM series (9 modules) supported by a cohort-based delivery & small group sessions, ie. 'Learning labs'
student engagement, offering variety
(Millennials approach to learning)
competing priorities between programs, faculty etc.
lack of measurement
Result - savings in hours & time that was essentially redeployed to meaningful student facing (3000 hrs. in coaching)
iPads located outside coaching rooms or lobby with survey to track coaching effectiveness

Becoming an Agent of Change
Brandon M. Smith
Clear vision & able to communicate clearly with others
your message should be "simple & sticky"
Create a sense of urgency
igniting a fire both under and within an individual/team
Patient yet, persistent
Lead with Questions
Empower people
Create short terms wins to drive momentum
Knowledgeable & leads by example
Building trust
Key Insights:
To facilitate any form of real change, the individual(s) must build trust with their audience.
Trust = (authenticity+ vulnerability) X credibility

Some Ideas:
Partnering with strong vendors that moves us forward, innovate to online, lead by example with active learning labs- need to close the gaps between stimulus (clinics) and response

Implications on CM:
Learning to do things in a more mindful way, know our audience, shape our approach to help shape students learning.

Kelley school of Business-Eric Johnson, Director - mindfulness is a way to lead - book "finding space to lead", helping students/staff to better self-awareness, self-regulation, self-management.
Thought Provokers
Thought Provokers
International Students
Strategy Buffet
early communication, on boarding webinar & summer in-take meeting
Spring luncheon for students incorporating international alum
Prior to program entry, a pre-requisite 2-week program centered around N. American business culture, etiquette & language (online content maybe???)
Communication & culture boot camp ( 1-2 afternoons)
developed to illustrate where the students are on their verbal, non-verbal, written and EQ thresholds
Speed Networking - designed to create global talent for all students
designed to integrate both international and domestic students. Domestic students interview International students and provide feedback ( prior to GC).
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