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How does Avid help you?

No description

veronica martinez

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of How does Avid help you?

What are some feelings you get in Avid?
What does Avid have to do with Strength?
Strength helps you with your work in all the important activities like going to field trips to colleges.

One of the activities is that we help with our homework, or that if you didn't understand a lesson we help too.

Where are we going to take a walk in Avid?
This program help us keep our grades up so we can accomplish our goals.
The program Avid has help me by preparing me for college so i can know what are the requirements to be able to get in the college.
Avid is such a good class to learn all the important things to be successful.Also they teach ways to sign application for colleges.Other words avid will help you open doors to be more successful in education and in life.For more information if you want o enter in Avid just visit our website www.goo.gl/umk0zn.0.
How does Avid help ME?
How does avid help me?
The Avid program has help me by getting me more organized.
Also it help me with my homework.
In Avid they give us a big white Binders so we can put all our papers in there so we won't loose any important work and be organized.
What are you supposed to feel?
Avid helps you have a feels like be more positive, and comfortable.
The other reason is that we make you feel better, we help if you need help.
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