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All about Enigma and it's founder

This is all about enigma and it's founder. By the end of watcing this you should know some more facts to help you understand what it is.

Lauren S

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of All about Enigma and it's founder

All about Enigma and it's founder
Arthur Scherbius

Arthur Scherbius was 39 when he invented the Enigma code. It was a very tricky code to crack, as it changed every day.
Did you know?
Arthur Scherbius was a German nazi who planned to start WW2.

He was an electrical engineer who patented an invention for a mechanical cipher machine, later sold as the Enigma machine

Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire was Britain's main decryption establishment during World War Two.
What is Enigma?
Enigma is an extreme code breaking machine. It was used and invented in WW2 (1918). It was very helpful as Englishman Alan Turing and his team of mathematicians cracked the ciphers of the Nazis' Enigma machine - a feat credited with shortening the war by 2 years.
Who invented it?
The Enigma Machine was designed by Arthur Scherbius, a German engineer. It was top secret at the time and no one was allowed to know.
How many rotors?
There were five rotors in three positions which was very confusing at the time. Many tried to crack the code, but they failed, until englishman Alan Turing cracked it ending the war 2 years earlier.
Why was it invented?
At first it was used by the Nazi's but then the Polish who were on the Allies side but were being invaded by Germany. The Poles then stole the Enigma from the Germans and then gave to the British to use to intercept German codes and decipher codes.
Where was it invented?
Enigma was operated at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, England in WW2 (1918). Bletchley Park was probably Britain’s best kept secret. This is because the secrecy surrounding all the activities carried on here during World War Two was of vital importance to our national security and ultimate victory.
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