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No description

Clinton Bush

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Entrepenuer

What is your Career choice as of now? Why have you chosen that career? Who has influenced you to go into this field? Where will you work? How much you will make? How does you career play into your life goals? Entrepenuer My aunt Carolyn and uncle Jim Yoak, they run United Country
real estate. They started as a smallbusiness but then grew and became
something bigger. My sister is working in U.S Cellular and
managing 10 stores around West Virginia. They all get to do
something that they love and it would be a shame not to try to find
employment in something that you love to do. I chose that career when I was 14 when I started
skateboarding. I thought it would be great to own a
skateshop. I always liked the enviorment in a skate-
shop it was friendly and you were around people
that had the same intrests as you. You get to be your own boss and do something that you love.
The skateboard shop that i grew up going to was
Alpha omega boardshop. the owner was always
happy to see another that loved the sport and
he loved his job. I thought that would be great to
do with my life. I will make enough to keep the
shop going and the average
earnings of a small business owner
is 233,600 dollars a year. Most of
that money will be used to keep my
shop stocked and to keep it running. My goal in life is to own my own business. My
major is Business and Marketing. I either want
to own my own business or work at a major
corporation like the Tony Hawk foundation. In
both cases i will get to work in what i love. I have two career choices, my first is to own my
own skateboard shop.My second choice is to
work at the Tony Hawk Foundation. They help
to start skateparks in towns that cant afford them.
I would like to try to work with both of them.
The skate shop is one of my life goals. I
like to find work or be employed in something
that i like to do.
i will work from my house. I will run my store out
of my own house. Some small businesses get robbed.
If i work out of my own house i can make sure to
keep an eye on merchandise and the other things in my store.
It would be easier to run a business out of your own house.
You would not have to drive to work which means you save
gas and money. An entrepenuer is a person who has possesion
of an new enterprise, venture or idea and is
responsible for the inherit risks and outcome.
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