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the causes of the Battle of Frenchtown

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ali hennigar

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of the causes of the Battle of Frenchtown

Fun Fact about Battle of Frenchtown
This battle was also called Battle of Walla Walla instead of Battle of Frenchtown.
The causes of the Battle o Frenchtown
Why the battle of Frenchtown occurred was because the indians were breaking the rules of the treaty that they established. Also Peopeomoxmox threatened to kill governor Isaac Stevens
Where the battle Frenchtown took place and when it happened
The Battle of Frenchtown took place east of present-day Walla Walla in the vicinity of Lowden, but it started at the mouth of the Touchet River. Along what is called Frenchtown, a collection of French-Canadian fur trader cabins that went near of today Walla Walla to west of present-day Lowden. The battle of Frenchtown occurred in December 7-10,1855
What happened during the Battle of Frenchtown
when Peopeomoxmox got to the walla Walla trading post and saw that it had been abandoned they marched to the Touchet river to punish the Walla Walla people. when they got there they were under a white flag of truce. Peopeomoxmox and 4 other men became hostages so there wouldn't be an immediate attack on the village. then they went to the Whitman Mission for winter camp, but they came across an estimated 1000 indians. the battle took place east of Fort Bennett. On the first day of the battle the hostages including Peopeomoxmox was killed by the soldiers. on the last day they were running low on ammunition and supplies and fled fort Henrietta and the indians fled.
The Major Players of the Battle of Frenchtown
the major players of the battle of frenchtown were peopeomoxmox the indian chief, U.S. army major Gabriel Rains, governor Isaac Stevens, Oregon Mounted Volunteers, Palouse, Cayuse, Walla Walla, Yakima indians, Joseph Larocque and his wife Lizette
Battle of Frenchtown
the battle of frenchtown was between?
The battle of Frenchown was between the U.S. Army and the Walla Walla, Cayuse, Palouse, and Yakima Indians
The End Result
The end result of the battle of Frenchtown was that they found the chief's body (Peopeomoxmox) mutilated and dismembered. Then after four days the volunteers were running low on ammunition. They fled fort Henrietta. the indians withdrew
french-canadian fur traders cabin
fort henrietta
mouth of touchet river
U.S. army Gabriel Rains
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