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Internal & External System Unit Components

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Zain Mahmood

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Internal & External System Unit Components

Internal system unit components
This is the power supply box, this gives the right voltage the computer can handle & it supply's power to the various components of the PC including internal and external components.
this is the CPU (central processing unit) which is stored on the motherboard, it sends commands to the computer and controls and calculates everything, the 'brain' of the computer.
the motherboard is a printed circuit board which is one of the main components in a computer, different circuit boards connect to the motherboard to make them work
the network board known as the NIC (network interface card) allows the connection between the network and computer, without this the computer would be able to connect to the internet. This is connected to the PCI slot.
this is the graphics card which is very important in a computer because it allows you to see images on a screen
this is the hard-disk drive which sits in the computer case, it has solid disk platters which stores large amounts of programs and data files such as software programs and the operating system. To work it needs a data connection cable and power connection cable.
this is the processor fan, it blows hot air out of the back unit and makes sure nothing overheats by cooling them down
PCI slots short for 'Peripheral Component Interconnect' are used to connect to external devices such as sound cards, network cards and video cards.
BIOS (basic input output system) is a chip on the motherboard which operates how the system works and boots the computer to the right settings
ROM which stands for Read only memory is memory which only can be read once it is stored, it contains important programs such as the start up program on the other hand RAM which stands for random access memory is where applications and programs are kept and used so they can quickly be reached by the computers processor. RAM loses its files when the computer is turned of but when it is turned back on all the files are loaded up again. The more RAM you have the more applications and files your computer will be able to handle
FDD is known as floppy disk-drive is a computer disk drive that has stored date from users on it, it is also a back up device. Nowadays many computers don't come equipped with FDD because of the limited capacity and replaced by CD-R
Connector is a cable that connects to a hardware component, their are many types of cable connectors including USB and network cables.

this is the power supply cord which you connect to the computer to power everything from a plug, without this the computer is useless and will not power up.

The USB ports on the back of computers are generally used for mouse and keyboards, the ones at the front are left for USB's or digital cameras
these are the audio ports which connects to devices such as speakers, microphones and headsets
the Ethernet port is used for networking and connecting to the internet
this is the VGA connector, a wire which is connected to a monitor from a base unit. This then displays everything on the monitor
SATA cables are used to connect a motherboard to a sata hard drive and are used connect to the HDD or optical drive so they have power to run the computer
the monitor shows what is on the screen, it is connected by the VGA wire which goes into the Base unit and into the back of the monitor. For it to work it needs a power supply cord and once everything is connected the monitor will come on and display everything. Operating systems such as windows 7 are then displayed for the user.
The keyboard is a typewriter and is used to enable data into a computer. The keyboard include keys such as alphabetic letters, numbers and symbols. People use keyboards mostly for typing into a search bar, using Microsoft office programs and social networking sites.
A mouse is a small device which is used on a flat surface and is to move a cursor on a computer
A Base Unit is were all the main components are based to keep the computer running e.g. motherboard which is stored in the base unit, also other components which are held together such as CPU and PSU

Expansion slots are located on the motherboard and allows other boards to be connected to it and then provides additional features to it e.g. a video card modems
this is where the video card connects in order to make it work
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