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Julius Wilhelm Richard Dedekind

No description

Christopher Rose

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Julius Wilhelm Richard Dedekind

Background and life
Richard was born in Brunswick, Germany on October 6th, 1831. Richard grew up with three siblings, two brothers and one sister. He had a father, Julius Levin Ulrich Dedekind, who was an administrator at the university of Collegium Carolinum and had a mother named Caroline Marie Hanriette Emperius who was the daughter of a professor at the same university. Richard attended school in Brunswick until the age of sixteen. Before he attended the university of Göttingen he studied science but his interests shifted to mathematics so he attended Collegium Carolinum for two years to get a base knowledge in mathematics. Richard lived with his sister ,Julia, for most of his life. At the age of eighteen he attended the university of Göttingen and met Gauss who he became very good friends with and who mentored him. After he recieved his doctorate in 1852 he started working on his habilitation degree so he could teach at a university.He recieved his degree in 1854 and worked at Collegium Carolinum for the rest of his life until he retired on 4/1/1894. Dedekind passed away on 2/12/1916.
What did he do?
Created the Dedekind cut which is the standard definition of real numbers.
How did his contributions change the way we learn math?
Made integers and real numbers simpiler for teachers around the globe.
What i like about him.
He changed the way we learned mathematics
What i don't like about him
The fact that he never uses his first two names passed down from his family.
Julius Wilhelm Richard Dedekind
He never married and had kids to pass on his knowledge genetically.
He stayed in his home city for most of his life
He attended the college that his parents attended and he also taught there as well.
Edited and refined the collected works of Lejeune Dirichlet, Carl Gauss, and Bernhard Riemann.
Contributed to Ring theory(ideals) and abstract algebra as a whole.
Made studies that explained Continuity and Irrational Numbers.
Invented the modern set theory.
More people can understand continuity and irrational numbers.
Explained Ring theory which simplifies the concept for eager students.
Shifted many young mathematicians to study math and contribute to mathematics like Dedekind once did before them.
Ring theory
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