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Director approved

No description

Allison Bidaisee

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Director approved

TTBizLink is a secure, neutral IT platform known as a Single Electronic Window
E-Fiscal Incentives
* Investment Directorate
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment
E-Import Duty Concessions
*Work Permit Secretariat
Ministry of National Security
E- Work Permits
*Companies Registry
Ministry of Legal Affairs
E-Company Registration
* Plant Quarantine Services
* Animal Production and Health Division
Ministry of Food Production
* Trade Licence Unit
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment
E-Licences and Certificates
E-Certificate of Origin
*Business Development Company
*Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce
* Multiple Firewalls
* Encryption
* Intrusion Prevention System
* Continuous Monitoring
and Auditing
"The on-line process for the Certificate of Origin thus far has been very seamless. There are no issues with the system as it is straight forward. The C.O's are approved in a timely manner sometimes less than five (5) minutes after it has been submitted."

Terryck Torres , CGA Limited
"...this venture is a clear indication that technology can be used to help speed the process..."

Brokerage Solutions Limited
"...in less than half an hour...I got an e-mail saying that the application had been approved..."

Associated Brands Limited
Complete Application Form B (Companies and Businesses)
Business Made Easy
Document Security :
Encrypted Barcode
"...I loved the clean, crisp layout...I would call this an intelligent form..."

Central Concrete Limited
Modeled after Singapore's TradeNet
Data Protection Act
Electronics Transactions Act
No. 6 of 2011
No. 13 of 2011
Duty Relief Licences/Minister's Licences
Suspension Certificates
Safeguard Certificates
Import Licences
Export Licences
Plant Import Permits
Animal Import Permits
Name Search
Name Reservation
Registration of a Business
Incorporation of a Company
Exemptions from:
Customs Duties
Withholding Tax
Raw material
Construction of factory
Applications for:
New work permits
(Individual & Group)
"I am pleased thus far with the e-service. The processing time is tremendously reduced as I receive approval of my Certificates of Origin within five (5) minutes of sending them through this service. I find this system to be working efficiently and it is very convenient as it eliminates the hustle of having to go into the office in person and waiting for approval."

Mahase Frank, Hyline Label Co. Ltd
"I cannot express how much of a difference this [Animal Import Permit] has made when it comes to us being able to take delivery of our products as all import permits are received in advance of the arrival of shipment. Further... I can collect import permits within the same day.
Also, I have made application to the Plant Quarantine Services Division and was able to obtain the permit within the same day as well. This compared to 1-2 weeks before is amazing."

Nadira Dass, Hadco Limited
"I look forward to working with you in the future again and I will indeed recommend this service to someone else, for it has cut the lead time significantly by 90%.
I am truly satisfied. Well Done!"

Devaughn James,
MainLine Seafood Limited
Preferential COs:
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Non-preferential COs
" At first I was a bit apprehensive about using the online system. However, it was much easier than I thought and I found the level of customer service I received from the support staff to be exceptional. Great Job TTBizLink team!"

Natalie Austin,
Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Our Partner
Who Are they?
Government-Linked Company Incorporated in March 1988
An economic agency under Ministry of Trade & Industry
Achieve national competitiveness
Improve administrative transparency and efficiency
Create positive spin-offs for their constituencies (businesses and citizens)
A holistic e-Government solutions specialist with deep experience in working with governments to:
International Recognition
Harvard Business School: Singapore TradeNet: A Tale of One City: “Describes the development of TradeNet for Singapore to position itself for leadership as the port of preference in the Pacific Rim."

APEC Economies: Breaking down the barrier “… revolutionized the trade documentation process in Singapore … identified as one of the strategic national information systems that have enhanced the economy’s international competitiveness.”

IBM’s Robert M. Howe: “It is estimated that TradeNet saves Singapore traders around US$1 billion per year.”

McKinsey Quarterly: Putting citizens online, not in line “A few years ago, for example, obtaining an import or export license in Singapore required applicants to fill out 21 different forms and then wait 15 to 20 days for 23 government agencies to process the request. But since the government launched TradeNet, applicants have had to submit only one online form, and they receive a license as soon as 15 seconds later.”

United Nations - 2010 United Nations Public Service Award in the category of “Improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the Public Service” for the “SaudiEDI e-Trade System”.
Current Scenario
Singapore’s TradeNet: The world’s first and most studied National Trade Clearance System/Single Electronic Window
St. James
Princes Town
Exemption from
Customs Duties
Withholding Tax
We're only just getting started..............
e-Maritime Service
Maritime Services Divison - Ministry of Transport
e-Contractor Registry
Central Tenders Board - Ministry of Finance
e-Risk Management
e-Companies Registry
Companies Registry - Ministry of Legal Affairs
Ministry of Trade, Industy and Investment, Ministry of Food Production, Chemistry Food and Drug, Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards
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