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No description

Scout Lease

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of Hatchet

Gary Paulsen
I think the Author's Purpose for Hatchet is to Entertain the reader with a good book because it's funny, entertaining, and doesn't have any persuasive or informative information.
I think the Genre of Hatchet is Realistic-Fiction, because some of the things in the book could be real. A thirteen-year-old kid that crashed a plane in the Canadian woods and has to learn how to survive can also be fantasy.
Brian crashed a bush plane into the Canadian woods, the pilot dies, and Brian has no idea whatsoever how to survive in the woods.
Brian (unwittingly) turns on an Emergency Transmitter and a man comes to save him.
I think the main Theme for Hatchet is "Survival","Man v.s. Wild", and "There isn't a perfect life without a challenge". I think this because Hatchet is mostly about Brian trying to stay alive in the Canadian woods.
Author's Purpose
Around 1980 and took place in the past.
Hampton,New York; New York City; a bush plane; the airport, and the Canadian woods
Favorite Character
Thirteen-year-old Brian Robson is my Favorite Character in Hatchet, because it's amazing how Brian turns from being a not-so-cool person to a BEYOND AWESOME kind of Character!!!
Favorite Quote
Questions Anybody?
My Question was: Why was Brian scared of the wolves if he had confronted a bear AND her cubs? Because in the book it says that Brian was scared of the wolves but he wasn't scared of the bear.
I Found Surprising...
I was surprised about how confident Brian still was after the moose attack and the tornado in the same day.
A quote from Brian:
"Come on, he thought bearing his teeth in the darkness-come on. Is that the best you can do? Is that all you can hit me with- a moose and a tornado? Well, he thought, holding his ribs and smiling, then spitting mosquitos out of his mouth. Well, that won't get the job done."

I liked...
I liked when Brian didn't "freak out"when he saw a mama bear and her cubs. I just liked it because he was just calm, even when the bear growled at him!!!
Strongly Disagreed with... And Something I would Change in Hatchet
I didn't think the author put enough detail into the book, as in when Brian saw the bear or the wolves it didn't have enough detail. So if I could change something in my book, I would ADD MORE DETAIL!!!!!!

If I were to completely change Hatchet but keep it on the right storyline, I would make it as Brian was traveling with a few of other people, they had crashed in the Desert, and nobody died, but got injured.
Too Many Books!!!!!
As if....
There is another book that picks up from Hatchet. The book makes it as if Brian didn't get picked up from the man who saves him in the first book, so he is still all alone without anyone to help him survive the cold, terrifying winter that lays ahead of him.
All different designs of Hatchet
Will he survive????
That's life without a challenge!!!! I bet he didn't even pick those grapes!!

Author of Prezi
Scout lease
Trailer of movie based on Hatchet
Interview with Gary, by: Scholastic
Obviously "Bob" doesn't know what he is doing. Just like Brian!!!
My Favorite Quote in Hatchet is:
"Brian stood at the end of the long part of the L of the lake and watched the water, smelled the water, listened

to the water, was the water."
I chose this Quote as my Favorite because it shows how Brian had changed from the beginning of the story to that point.
About the Author
Key facts on Hatchet
Totality AWESOME Quotes
The Canadian woods.
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