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My personal legend

from the begginning til I die

Zach Terrell

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of My personal legend

Zach Terrells personal legend! Born July 15,1993 at 6:15 in the morning! :) My future job after high school I plan on visiting this place after getting
out of high school before going into the
marines for 20 years chestatee war eagles
i moved to gainesville
]after 7th grade These are my future cars :) well im Zach Terrell im 16, I love to be having fun and always making memories
I got alot of friends and I play alot of sports pretty much doing anything fun. sence the first time i really got into fishing i have always wanted to be a pro fisherman and enter in tournments, and work my way up to the top and fish in the bass master and finish in the top 10 The royal Caribbenan I love playing soccer, football, baseball, paintball,
riding dirtbikes and fourwheelers just like
having a bit of adrline rush Deffinalty my personal legend
is to be a good dad later in life and just be
well off in life and hopingly do something i love
like fishing for a living a picture of the cruise i went on when i was in 4th grade. me and my childhood bestfriend sam Me playing deffense for my old select b team for GFC First christmas Birthday party Power rangers shirt and my guns My first hair cut k-grade Pranking my friend beni me and my brother mitch and my cousin billy in the younger days me and my step-dad george 1st grade me and my family before my dad past away from lung cancer in 2002 Cub scouts Obstacles: I havent had much of any obstacles in life but a motavation
would be my dad passing away and we wanting to do things
that i think he would want me to do for him or for myself mostly And thats my personal legend
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