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Poetry vs Prose

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Kari Young

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of Poetry vs Prose

Poetry Vs. Prose
Figurative Language
So, how is poetry different from prose?
Poetry is literary work in metrical form.

Prose is the ordinary form of spoken or written language.
How is prose different from poetry?
4 Types of figurative language......
When you describe something by comparing it to something else, you are using figurative language.
Simile-comparison of two things using like or as.
Identify the simile in each picture
How many similes can you identify?
To speak of something that is not human as if it were.
The flowers dance in the wind.
The earth coughed and choked in all the pollution.
When an author uses one of the five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell) in a phrase to create a mental image.
The iced branches shed crystal shells.
The snow glistened as my lungs ached from the cold.
Connotation-the emotional and imaginative association of a word.
What is the connotation of each picture?
The dictionary definition of a word.
Assonance--vowel sounds are repeated in words
Onomatopoeia--words that are sounds
zoom zoom
What is mood in literature?
Mood is the feeling that a work of literature evokes.
Mood can be positive or negative
Different types of moods......
While mood is the feeling that a poem created in a reader, tone is the writer's attitude toward the subject or audience of the poem.

Look for clues in the language the writer uses to identify how the writer feels about the subject.
Tone vs Mood
What is the tone of the video clip? How is the tone different from the mood?
Perspective examples:

Single major character
Minor character viewpoint
Omniscient view point
Multiple view points
Perspective and point of view are not the same thing.

Perspective—the scene as viewed through the eyes/mind of the chosen character.
Inference is a conclusion reached based on evidence
and reasoning.
Theme is the broad idea, message, or moral of the story.
What are some examples of imagery in the following song/video?
Metaphor is a way of describing something by comparing it to something else........
The girl was a fish in the water.
The clown was a feather floating away.
What is the metaphor is the following clip?
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