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Telecommunications Industry Analysis

ACCT 6000

Grace Rosary Rojo

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Telecommunications Industry Analysis

Telecommunications Industry
ACCT 6000
3 revolutionary changes:
PDA Designer
Smart Phones Leaser
Global HTC Brand

Capital Structure
Financial Analysis
Unit: US $ Thousands
Unit: US $ Thousands
*Except EPS (US $)
Trend Analysis
Financial Ratios
Motorola invented the cell phone (1973)

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X - first commercial cellular device (1983)

$4.3B loss 2007-2009

Jan 4, 2011 Split
Motorola Mobility
Motorola Solutions
Motorola Capital Structure and Payout Policy
No preferred stock

Less than 5% debt
Financial Analysis
Trend Analysis
Financial Ratios
Dollars in Millions
Capital Structure - Debt
Capital Structure - Equity
Financial Analysis
Trend Analysis
Financial Ratios
Industry Outlook
Yao Chih Tsui
Dylan Zhang

Founded in 1938 in Taego, Korea by Byung-Chull Lee
Initially focused on fish, vegetables, and fruit
1970s - Ventured into consumer electronics
1992 - entered mobile phone industry
1999 - developed the wireless Internet Phone aka the Smartphone.
According to Garner, Samsung is the No.1 Vendor in 2013 with nearly 300 million smartphones sold - 31% of market share. Apple sold 151 million smartphones in 2013.

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