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Psychology for Sports Performance

Arousal & Anxiety (SCAT Test)

Dafydd James

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Psychology for Sports Performance

Anxiety & Arousal Psychology for Sports Performance Re-Cap SCAT Test
Sport Competition Anxiety Test Do you agree with you result?

Why? How many of you watched this? Which Arousal theory would this clip relate to? Catastrophe Theory If the athlete is experiencing higher levels of cognitive anxiety, and arousal levels increase up to the athlete’s threshold, the player experiences a dramatic (or catastrophic) drop in performance levels Evander Holyfield getting the better of Mike Tyson, so Tyson bites a part of his ear off!! *Answer all of the questions honestly* Anxiety? State or Trait? Trait Anxiety
'Ingrained in a person's personality, These individuals tend to worry more than most people and feel inappropriately threatened by several things in the environment.' State Anxiety
'State anxiety is characterized as a temporary change in a person's emotional state due to an outside factor'
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