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UWEC General Study Abroad Session

full version


on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of UWEC General Study Abroad Session

Where are you going? today how to get started
how to apply
questions? Consider your goals how long do you want to study abroad?
would you like to study abroad in English, another language, or both?
do you want to meet major or minor requirements while abroad?
do you have particular GE requirements to fulfill? where do you want to study?
what type of housing do you want?
do you want to study with other US students or local students?
is cost a major factor? research the study abroad website click on the "programs" link to search by country, city, region, term, language, and more!
you will find information on academics, eligibility requirements, housing, costs, etc. meet with a peer adviser or coordinator Peer advisers are returned study abroad students who are avilable to answer your general questions about study abroad and questions specific to their program
study abroad coordinators are available to help with more complicated advising questions
to schedule an appointment call 715-836-4411 or stop by the CIE office in Schofield 3 talk to your acadmic adviser discuss an academic plan integrating study abroad with your graduation timeline
determine which semester would be best to study abroad in your major
are there courses you should take abroad while studying abroad?
before you study abroad? research funding sources financial aid: it applies towards UW-Eau Claire study abroad programs
Scholarships: look at the scholarship brochure to learn about UW-Eau Claire Foundation Grans, national scholarships, and college/major specific scholarships attend a study abroad event study abroad fair
a great opportunity to compare many programs at once and talk to past participants
held Thursday, October 11th 3:00 to 5:30 pm study abroad spotlight presentations
panel discussions with past participants where you can compare programs by region Locations Africa Botswana
South Africa The Americas Chile
Costa Rica
Uruguay Asia China
South Korea
Thailand Australia/New Zealand Perth
Massey Europe: East, West & Central Austria
Czech Republic
Greece Italy
Sweden Ireland & the U.K. Harlaxton
Stirling Faculty-Led Central European Travel Seminar
India Winterim
China Summer/Winterim
Turkey Summer/Winterim
Stirling, Scotland Summer
SPED Educators Abroad Student Teaching Student teaching opportunities around the world
half of your student teaching is done in wisconsin, other half abroad!
placements in 42 countries around the world
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