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The Iliad

connecting 6 stories

Haley Kaliszewski

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Iliad

The Iliad 6 stories connected Helen's father, Tyndareus, decided it was time for Helen to marry. Now when it came time to choose one person, Odysseus knew it could get ugly therefore made an agreement with every suitor to pledge loyalty to whoever was chosen. In the end Menelaus won Helen's heart. Helen and The Suitors Hecuba's Dream of the Burning City Hecuba, queen of Troy, had a dream while pregnant that her baby came out and was on fire. Sue-sayer said it foreshadowed the babies future, so after she gave birth she sent him to a mountain to die. a Shepard found him and raised him. His name was Paris who later ran off with Helen and got married. Assembly of the Suitors When Helen of Troy ran off with Paris, after Aphrodite made them fall in love, Menelaus took the other suitors up on their pledge to always protect Helen and their relationship. All suitors came to fight, but Achilles was the most difficult to find. The affair was the reason for the Trojan war. Wedding of Peleus and Thetis Judgement of Paris Sacrifice of Iphigenia After the apple is thrown at Thetis and Peleus' wedding, it must be decided who is the "fairest". Paris must decide who the 'fairest' is, and chooses Aphrodite because of her promise of giving him Helen although she is already married. Thetis is a goddess and Peleus a mortal, because prophecy said that Peleus' son, Achilles, would be greater than his father. Every god and goddess was invited to the wedding excluding Eris. She comes to the wedding and throws the Golden Apple with "To the Fairest" written on it. Agamemnom bragged about how he was a better hunter than Artemis, so on their way to Troy, to fight in the Trojan War, Artemis stopped the wind and the Greeks, along with Agememnom, were stranded at sea. An oracle revealed that a sacrifice must be made in order to have wind again. Therefore, Agememnom had to sacrifice his oldest daughter Iphigenia. He tricked her into coming but finally revealed his intentions and she decided to sacrifice herself but was saved in the end because of her loyal deed. The Apple Controversy Hecuba in front of a burning Troy Paris deciding who the "Fairest" is The Suitors fawning over Helen Odysseus finding Achilles Preparing for Sacrifice Created By: Haley Kaliszewski
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