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Explaining a new form of payment for internal audiences.

Wendy Harman

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of TwitPay

What is Twitpay?

What is RT2Give? RT2Give™ is Twitpay's proprietary fundraising solution for non-profit organizations allowing solicitation and secure processing of donations in one step over social networks such as Twitter.
Except, they now accept secure credit card donations as well as ACH info. They have told me they will take less than a 4.75% processing fee - didn't want to quote exactly bc it's negotiable. Why would the American Red Cross want to use Twitpay? To offer our supporters a trusted and easy additional way to give after disasters. The one-time signup page is a deterrent, but once tweeters sign up once, they won't have to re-enter their info each time we launch a campaign. Twitpay will share all donor data with us. When would the American Red Cross want to use Twitpay? We would employ a RT2Give Twitter message when the organization is
fundraising for a major emergency. Similar to when we flip the switch on textgiving. Depending on its success, we could test whether it works around the Holiday Campaign Twitpay can handle multiple campaigns at once. All campaigns will be "controlled" by the American Red Cross,
meaning a third-party won't be able to create a fundraising campaign for us. More about how RT2Give works We get full control over the campaign (timing, messaging, branding) It's a simple process for the Donor.

If it's their first time they:

RT the @redcross appeal

Receive an automated Direct Message (DM) from Twitpay

The DM has a link to fill out their financial info

The donor receives a PIN upon completion

The donor confirms her donation via DM

If it's not the donor's first time:

The donor retweets the @redcross appeal

The donor receives a DM from Twitpay to confirm

Contributions flow directly to the American Red Cross (no third parties involved) Twitpay can work at the national and local level How do we get started? We'll need to execute a service agreement.
They've already sent one. I know our lawyers like to write them, though.
I can navigate this process with your input. We'll need to enroll in the program. This part is easy once we've got an agreement. I will handle. We'll need to keep an open conversation with Twitpay about exact protocols and procedures for standing up their donation option.
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