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Common Misconception: Evolution is Goal Oriented

A common misconception many people have is that evolution is goal oriented.

Wensday Kraemer

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Common Misconception: Evolution is Goal Oriented

Evolution is Goal Oriented Common Misconception: *The change in the
genetic makeup of a species over several generations and the descent of species from common ancestors Evolution Mutations *Discovered by Charles Darwin, an English Naturalist
*Non-random, gradual process that increases/decreases biological traits in a population
*Only the fittest survive and reproduce Natural Selection *If a mutation occurs that helps a species then over time that genetic trait will become more and more common in that population
*On the other hand if a mutation occurs that harms a species then over time that genetic trait will become less and less common in that population
Natural Selection
Continued *Over several generations adaptation allows species to change certain characteristics to allow them to be better suited for their environment
*Works through natural selection's survival of the fittest
Adaptation *Most people have the misconception that evolution is goal oriented due to natural selection and adaption
*A goal is something you work towards and then gain something in the future
*Evolution works with the present and what is needed right now not the future Summing It All Up! *Variations in populations occur through random mutations
*Mutations can either be helpful or harmful
*They are random and do not have a purpose
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