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APUSH survival guide!

This was created by several students ... it's their advice to future APUSH students

Barbara Coulter

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of APUSH survival guide!

A.P United States History
Survival Guide.
Here's the deal...
If you want to make it through APUSH you need to know upfront that there is a lot of work.
If you want to do well you need to be self-motivated.
When Mrs. Coulter tells you to read the chapters make sure you do.
While reading through the chapter make sure you take notes and absorb important information.
If you do not understand something make sure you ask about it.
Every, single homework assignment given is for your own benefit.
Assignments are what you make out of them.
They are not simply busy work or an assignment for the end purpose of receiving a grade: they are given to help you LEARN about the content and concepts!
PREPARE for assessments: some will be performance tasks, while others will be traditional m/c, short answer, and essays.
Each unit will have a pre and post unit summative.
Use that to your benefit!
The more work you do the better off you will be.
Always give your 100% effort!
Basically your grade will be determined by the effort you give. If you're lazy or a procrastinator you need to change, accept that your grade will not be an "A," or withdraw this class.
Brain Check!
Memorization is KEY in this class.
Be sure to know dates, people, and admendments!
By April you should have all important information memorized. (this will help when it comes to studying for the BIG test.)
A.P Testing...
Ewh, I know...
Make sure you understand DBQs.
From the beginning you want to know how to write a good DBQ.
Memorizing information will help with essays & mutiple guess.
When writing a DBQ make sure you start with a good thesis.
As you answer make sure you include plenty of detail but remember to
only answer what they're asking
End your DBQ with you thesis statement, it may have changed throughout the essay: you WANT to make sure to earn this basic point.
Annotating, post-it notes, and highlighters should ALWAYS be with you whenever you're doing A.P assignments. Active reading is ALWAYS a good idea for any course!
Helpful Tips...
Study - even only thirty minutes a night will do you wonders.
APUSH practice books will be your saving grace.
A.P flashcards are a useful purchase.
Be sure to talk to students that have previously taken APUSH. They can help you bunches.
Movies are key to understanding history.
Watching movies that are about past events will really help you plenty.
Iron Jawed Angels, Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, & Gettysburg.
Got it? If so you'll make it through APUSH.
You'll survive!
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