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No description

Sierra Davis

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Mythology

By Sierra Davis Hercules Hercules is said to be born in Thebes.
Half-man and half-god.
Parents are Zeus and Alcmene.
Zeus's wife is actually Hera.
Zeus disguised himself as Amphitroyon and had an affair with Alcmene. Alcmene gave birth and abandoned Hercules.
Hera offered to breast feed Hercules.
He bit hard and Hera threw him from her breast.
Milk went flying.
How the Milky Way was created. He grabbed them by their throats.
Had a very strong hold.
Strangled them to death. Hera was jealous of Zeus's relationship with Alcmene.
She sent two snakes to kill Hercules. Prophesied that Hercules would be a great hero.
Had lessons of fencing, wrestling, and archery.
Best sportsman in the world.
No interest in music, reading, or writing. During a music lesson, Hercules grew impatient.
He hit the teacher on the head with a lyre.
Ended up killing him.
Hercules was sent to the mountains for a while.
Stayed out of trouble. Hercules became stronger and braver.
At 18, he killed a dangerous lion.
Given a wife for his heroic deeds.
The wife was Megara. Had 3 sons (varied answers)
Hercules loved his family.
Hera was jealous of his happiness.
Forced him to go mad and killed his family. Stunned, Hercules shut himself away from the world.
Consulted oracle at Delphi.
Wondered how to cleanse his sins.
Orcale sent him to his cousin; Eurystheus.
Cousin told him to do the 12 Labors. Hera was behind this plot.
12 Labors was sure to kill Hercules.
They were "impossible and dangerous." Hercules completed the 12 Labors.
Suprised Eurystheus and Hera.
He was cleansed from his sins.
Free to roam Earth.
Hera left him alone. He had epilepsy or a "possession."
Lussa was a goddess of maddness.
She entered his body when he was mad. She believed him & gave Hercules the blood.
He killed himself.
Pain was unbearable.
Centaur's blood = poison
Deianira killed herself too. Hercules 2nd wife was Deianira.
She was jealous of Hercules's relationship with Iole.
When crossing a river one day, they came upon a centaur.
He killed the centaur.
Centaur told Deianira his blood was a love potion. Hercules rose to Mount Olympus.
Had gods there.
Married Hebes.
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<http://www.ehow.com> Appearance: Hercules appeared in the Disney Pixar movie called "Hercules." Product named after Hercules: Town named after Hercules: Capture Kill Capture Capture Clean Kill Capture Gather Steal Herd Fetch Capture
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