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Advertising and Marketing to kids

No description

Amy Pond

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Advertising and Marketing to kids

Pester Power
The Power Of Pester Power

Brand Name Loyalty
Since forever...
Brand name loyalty is when a marketer markets their product to children from a very young age. Basically, the child see the brand name from when they are very young, and come to associate the picture with a kind of nostalgic happiness. This causes them to buy the brand from age 2 to age 70, and they may buy it for their kids so that the circle repeats all over again. It's simple yet effective.
Advertising To Children
Kids see commercials for junk food on TV
Certain foods are advertised as "healthy" and they not only trick the kids but also sometimes the adult
Some products have characters from kids favorite shows or movies
On average, children ages 2-5, saw 10.9 food-related ads per day on TV, and children ages 6-11 saw 12.7.
Of 8,854 advertisements for food products reviewed none had fruits or vegetables in it
Advertising and Marketing to Children/Pester power.

In terms the kid is more powerful the the adult.The child will beg the parent to buy them a certain product. The parent then feels entitled to buy the product.
Pester power is what
happens when a child
sees a product that they
want their parent to buy, so they do
exactly what you would expect them to
do. They pester. This is the way child
marketers get kids to buy their products.
Most kid advertised food is unhealthy
Kids Watch Adult Advertisement
Most likely you have seen adult commercials that a kid shouldn't watch. These are mostly alcohol or inappropriate things. The reason they see those things is because the marketers know that a kid is watching TV. They might say something bad from the commercial or they will try to act like the people in the commercial.
We are not trying to target any specific brands here. We are just conveying a strong point.
Don't be a hater!
Thanks for watching our prezi! :)
Even though it is mostly adults who spend the money, commercials are often aimed at kids. The point is to make the kids ask for whatever they saw in the commercial.
The marriage of psychology and marketing.
In marketing to children nowadays, adults use child psychology to get through to kids and sell their products. This is their twisted and yet effective way of selling their products.

Sources and Citations.
Why parents give in:

According to The Public Health Advocacy Institute in an article by Cara Wilking J. D.,"Research has also shown that faced child product requests parents may simply acquiesce because the item is cheap, to make the child happy, or to reward good behavior." Big companies are relying on parents to feel it's easier to give in then to say no, which parents will do.
This is easier and cheaper for big companies to sell more items.
Slide #6 "Research has also shown that faced child product requests parents may simply acquiesce because the item is cheap, to make the child happy, or to reward good behavior." -Dr. Cara Wilking j.d, THe Public Health Advocacy Institute. www.phaionline.org
Slide #16 (All information) -Sean Poulter,
(Laugh track used for end of skit :))
p.s: Make sure to watch our skit :)
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