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Responses to Western Imperialism

No description

Ashwin Uday

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Responses to Western Imperialism

India and Britain Great Rebellion
1857-1858 British Control of India - by 1848 the British East India Company had a monopoly over Indian industry

- Indians in the British army began to turn against their European Rulers

- The Rebellion was crushed and Britain started to directly rule India with the parliament in London and government officials in India Development of India Role of Women -British Rule brought ideas from Europe
- Women began to get more rights to education and job opportunities
- More opportunities for them in the British missionaries for those who converted Indian Nation Congress Response to Western Imperialism - Education
-Britain made a education system that was English influenced

- new caste of European educated Indians emerged

- even most educated Indians were discriminated by the "White Men"

- These "White Men" felt more superior than all Indians -Economics
- Britain helped make India more modern
- Introduced irrigation projects for agriculture

- a railroad network for communication

-large tea and jute plantations

-India's economy globalized

- -Nationalism
- The always fighting Hindus and Muslims united under the influence of British rule

-Educated Indians gathered in the Hindu Indian National Congress

-These new unification caused the Indians to come together and fight for their freedom India was made into a democracy using the British Legal System
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