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The French Colonies

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Noelle Sullivan

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The French Colonies

The French Colonies Language: English, Portugese, and Spanish
It was large but smaller than British, Russian, and Spanish empires
Their main product was fur and sugar 14 Territories Louisiana
Iowa Minnesota
North Dakota
South Dakota
Idaho The French Colonial Empire The Start of New France Foreign Wars
catholic- protestant fueding
Ended in 1598 through the Edict of Nantees
tolerating Huguenots religion France's Issues to Colonize Huguenots Huguenots were French protestants who were not very wealthy. Therefore they could not travel or cross the ocean. 1534: Jacques Cartier was first to travel the St. Lawrence river
1682: Lousiana was founded by Robert de La Salle
1701: Atoine Cadillac founded Detroit "the city of straits"
France's breadbasket was Illinois
their forts and tradings posts were located at Kaskaskia, Cahokia, and Vincennes King Louis XIV took interest in France's lands overseas and he wanted more
He sent the French on a voyage to the St. Lawrence river now known as Quebec
Samuel De Champlain "Father of New France"
He led the expedition to St. Lawrence in 1608
At St. Lawrence he made an alliance with the Huron Indians to defeat Iroquois People involved with French colonizing Beaver Skin Trade
Quebec was the fur trading colony of New France
Voyageurs- they were the french beaver trappers "runners of the woods"
the Indians helped until they decreased from whites' disease
eventually beaver population decreased How France built their colonies King William's and Queen Ann's War
Was one of the first wars when France had to fight for their land
England vs. Spain/ France
French and British teamed up with Indian allies
Ended with the peace treaty signed at Utrecht in 1713 France Struggles during the 1700s Results of the Treaty England won this war
France got settlements along the St. Lawrence River
Britian got Acadia, Newfoundland, and Hudson Bay
Britian also won trading rights War of Jenkin's Ear (1756-1763) 7 Years War In 1739 the Britians and Spaniards fought over the Ohio Valley (content land between British and French)
Britians felt betrayed by French Acadians when they returned to Fort Necessity, a Britsh fort
Peace treaty of 1748 gave the French speaking Acadians or Cajuns Louisbourg This war began in America, it was fought long and hard over seas.
Britian/ Prussia vs. France, Spain, Austria, and Russia The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763 and the French were forced to surrender Louisiana to the Spanish Marquette was a catholic missionary who met Jolliet trading with Indians
Jolliet, a french canadian, explored the great lakes for three years
1672: Jolliet was asked to explore the northern part of the Mississippi river
Marquette accompanied Jolliet as his chaplain with five other passengers
First explorers to follow the Mississippi river's course Marquette and Jolliet's Expedition 40 Years Later...
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