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Teen pregnancy rates are declined between 1991 and 2005 but are on the rise again.My prezi will be about, why is teen pregnancy is important?

tatyana washington

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of TEEN PREGNANCY

teen pregnancy Facts on teen pregnant Three-quarters of a million teens between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year
Two-thirds of teen pregnancies occur among teens 18-19 years old
Teen mothers account for 11% of all births in the US.
Out of all teen pregnancies, 57% end in birth.
Another 14% end in miscarriage. TEEN pregnancy IN the united states US teen pregnancy rates are higher than those of other developed countries.
US rates are twice as high as in England and Wales or Canada, and eight times as high as in the Netherlands or Japan.
What states have the highest rates of teen pregnancy? States ranked by rates of pregnancy among women age 15-19 (pregnancies per thousand(:
Nevada (113)
Arizona (104)
Mississippi (103)
New Mexico (103)
Texas (101)
Florida (97)
California (96)
Georgia (95)
North Carolina (95) HOW MANY TEEN PREGNANCY,IN THE WORLD, WERE IN 1998? (TATYANA WAS BORN IN 1998) 699,742 births TEENS PREGNANCY RATES Teen pregnancy rates declined between 1991 and 2005 but are on the rise again.
The teen pregnancy rate reached an all-time high in 1990 with an estimated 116.9 per thousand and an all-time high birth rate of 61.8 births per thousand in 1991. By 2002, the pregnancy rate had dropped to 75.4 per thousand - a decline of 36%. However, a December 2007 report by the Centers for Disease Control shows a 3% increase in teenage pregnancy from 2005 to 2006. Teenage Births Increase What are the top ten teenage abortion rates? Top 10 States With Highest Teenage Abortion Rates
States ranked by rates of abortion among women age 15-19 (pregnancies per thousand):
New Jersey (47)
New York (46)
Maryland (38)
Nevada (36)
California (36)
Hawaii (34)
Florida (33)
Delaware (31)
Connecticut (30)
Illinois (27) Trends in rate and number of births, abortions and pregnancies; numbers of
miscarriages; and population, all by age-group, 1972–2006 most teens get pregnant between ages 14-17
In the United States, 900,000 adolescents (fifteen-to nineteen-year-olds) became pregnant in 1996. While this was 15 percent lower than in 1994, it is still higher than any other developed country. There are twice as many teenage pregnancies in the United States each year

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/teenage-pregnancy#ixzz1G91uiOeZ Teenage pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy is formally defined as a pregnancy in a young woman who has not reached her 20th birthday when the pregnancy ends, regardless of whether the woman is married or is legally an adult (age 14 to 21, depending on the country). In everyday speech, the speaker is usually referring to unmarried minors who become pregnant unintentionally.

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/teenage-pregnancy#ixzz1G94SRJPW she is 15 years old
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