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Sierra Mist - Ad Campaign

No description

ignacio sanchez-zinny

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Sierra Mist - Ad Campaign

switching to healthier
soft drinks such as bottled water and fruit juices. Low-calorie versions are increasing participation within carbonates mostly due to Coca-Cola’s investments to boost sales of such products, mainly in low-calorie cola carbonates.

The key target groups for carbonates in Brazil are
emerging socioeconomic strata consumers
and middle- income ones.

Brazilians usually consume carbonates mainly at
social events
including birthday parties, and Sunday family reunions.

children and teenagers
are important key consumers for manufacturers of carbonates mainly for non-cola carbonates in special orange and guarana flavors.

Some Facts on our target
Target Industry: Beverages Industry in Brazil
With rising incomes comes growing
consumer sophistication
. Consumers start to look beyond price and basic functions to value-added aspects such as premium or healthy ingredients, ethical issues or
environmental friendliness
In general, Brazilian consumers prefer
natural and green products
Latin America & Brazil
The time is now! Consumers are here today:
Brazil Per capita disposable income: $8,345 (2.5X China and 4.5X India)
(July 2013 est.)
99,357,737 users (almost 50% of Total Population)
General Facts
consumers (30M people) largely urban middle is boosting

in earnings between rural and urban consumers, with most of the wealth concentrated in coastal cities.

The most successful food and beverages companies in Brazil are often those which are able to
their products to suit local tastes.

Brazilians Online behavior
Media reach
in Brazil

175 million Brazilians (
92% of the population) watch TV


Of the 75 million Brazilians who watch 3 hours or more of TV every day,
44.8% are women

of Brazilians prefer to get their news from
print media
rather than online

21 million Brazilians—

of the total population—
read the newspaper

Brazil regions are very distinct - Southeast is the most dynamic,
representing 55% of GDP and 42% of the population
Area (% of total): 18.2%
Population (in MM): 53.9
GDP (in US$ bl): 303.1
GDP per capita (in us$) 5,623

Area (% of total): 10.9%
Population (in MM): 81.6
GDP (in US$ bl): 1,247.3
GDP per capita (in us$) 15,292

Area (% of total): 6.8%
Population (in MM): 27.7
GDP (in US$ bl): 371.7
GDP per capita (in us$) 13,403

Area (% of total): 18.8%
Population (in MM): 14.4
GDP (in US$ bl): 209.4
GDP per capita (in us$) 14,519

Area (% of total): 45.3%
Population (in MM): 16.3
GDP (in US$ bl): 120.4
GDP per capita (in us$) 7,390

Spend on average
27hrs monthly connected
(global ave. 24.7hrs per month)
36% of time spent online is on social media
(65 Million Facebook users - 23.4% penetration)
World's second biggest user of
Twitter: 41% penetration.
Google's market Share : 99.2%

Largest market for YouTube outside of the US (on average 83.3 videos watched per viewer in 2012
Brazil Major
Urban Areas
Sao Paulo 19.96 million
Rio de Janeiro 11.836 million
Belo Horizonte 5.736 million
Porto Alegre 4.034 million
Brasilia (capital) 3.813 million

60% of class AB

Brazilians access the Internet
via mobile phones

36% of class C Brazilians
access the internet via mobile phones

68% of Brazilian Internet users say that online ads influence their purchasing decisions, more than TV (66%)
79% of Brazilian Internet users search for products after being impacted by offline media
Top offline media that drives Brazilians to research products online include TV (51%), print (35%)
and Out of home (27%)

LATAM is huge...but e-commerce is concentrated in Brazil
Brazil vs Latam
Market Context
What's happening in Brazil?
Two global events –
the 2014 FIFA World Cup
and the
2016 Olympic Games
– these are expected to positively impact volume and value sales of soft drink beverages in those years.

The largest companies – Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Cia Brasileira de Bebidas (AmBev) can be expected to allocate
to such events and consequently their leading brands will be favoured in terms of sales.

During these global events, fruit/vegetable juices, bottled water and sports and energy drinks should
amongst Brazilians and foreign visitors.

Ad Campaign

Soft drinks Environment
- Competition -
Coca-Cola, the absolute leader
in carbonates, is one of the most innovative companies within the non-alcoholic drinks industry, frequently introducing novelties in terms of packaging besides investing heavily on advertisements on television.

For the period from
2013 to 2016, Coca-Cola Brazil foresees total investments of R$14.1 billion
, which will be 50% higher than the resources invested between 2007 and 2012.
Cia Brasileira de Bebidas (AmBev) was the second leading player overall in carbonates in 2012, accounting for 14% of off-trade value sales.

Off-trade channels led volume sales of soft drinks, with a share of 82% in 2012,
but accounted for only 55% of current value sales in the same year, showing the importance of on-trade establishments. In retail channels, store-based retailing is the key channel for sales of soft drinks in Brazil.
- consumers BEHAVIOR -
in Brazil

Total Ad spending in 2012: US$ 16,104.1

Brazil’s online ad spend stood at R$1.7 billion (US$874 million) in 2012, marking a pronounced rise of 124% in real terms since 2007. No other advertising category grew by more than 26.0% during the period.
The growth in online ad spend lifted the proportion of online out of total advertising spending from 2.8% to 5.4% over the time frame. Brazil holds the largest online ad spend sector in Latin America

Soft Drink environment
- Competition -
within soft drinks market in the Brazilian market are multinational GBOs – The Coca-Cola Co, PepsiCo, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Kraft Foods (Mondelez International) and Kirin.

Together these top five companies increased their total off-trade value share from 57% in 2005 (including Jugos del Valle SA, Schincariol Participações e Representações and Amacoco Água de Côco da Amazônia, which before had different GBOs and owners) to 63% in 2012.

...in the midst of an exciting and adventurous growth of the economy overall, we will share with you our mission statement and attributes of Sierra Mist, and its launch in Brazil on 2014!
Primarily Sierra Mist will aim low and middle social economic classes (BCD1). From our research, we discovered that this segment of Brazil’s population is more open to consume international and aspirational brands/products. Also, they will easily embrace the concept of “new and natural”.

The launch campaign will introduce a new and natural product, which will pay of Brazil’s nature and environment, bringing a fresh Brazil to the world and to Brazilians. The drink will relate to its new audience lifestyle and interests. It will appeal to their willingness to consume a thrusting product that’s will speak their language and habits.
The message of our whole ad campaign, will be "new ap

Support of Offer
The concept of “new and natural” will be represented by the imageries shown on the ad, which will describe the “real brazil” showing its nature (Iguazu Falls, River Amazonas, Corcovado Mountain, Matto Groso, etc)

The tone should be of happiness, natural, and adventurous! (lots of percussion and Brazilian instruments). The campaign will be focused on making Brazilians “proud” of their nature, and introducing a drink that “talks Brazil”

In terms of SKUs, the market is mainly dominated by carbonated drinks (colas) with a 50.9% of market share. The other 50% is split between Guarana (24.5%) and other drinks
(24.6% - among which is Sprite and other Lime drinks) .

Within the “other drink” segment, Sprite is the biggest player with over 85% share of the market.

- Market Segmentation -
Sierra Mist
Jun 14'
Aug 14'
Dec 14'
Oct 14'
Apr 14'
Jan 14'
Generic Campaign
We will sponsor the Jungle Marathon, and to promote it, will will create special TV and Print ad campaign targeting young adults who are into sports and running.
Media Channels could be: Rede Globo (Esporte), ESPN Brazil, Band Sports, TV Esporte Interativo.
Print: Veja, Epoca, Placar.
Social Media: through Twuitter and Fbook, we will give away 20 suscriptions to the race for free (value = US$200)
"Jungle Race"
POP Materials and Promotion:
Carnival Activations?
Through social media (twitter and Facebook), set up a contest where groups of people will have to build a carriage out of natural and recycled materials. The best carriage will win the possibility to participate on Rio's Carnival as the "Sierra Mist Carriage"

Campaign Launch
Sierra Mist offers you a new, NATURAL, refreshing and adventurous BRAZIL!

Sierra Mist World Cup Campaign
Message: "Lets show the real Brazil to the world"
Channels of distribution:
TV - Main source for campaign (focus on Telenovelas, and adventure sports channel - National Geographic, Discovery Channel).
Radio - AM/FM radio targeting young adults (male and female).
Newspaper: OGlobo, Brasil em Flohas (sport & Vacations sections).
Magazines: Veja (leading weekly magazine, ads on the sports &
celebrities sections); Aventura & Acao; National Geographic Brazil.

Launch a national campaign (no differentiations between regions), using mass media to build brand awareness.
"Um novo carbonato de sódio bateu no mercado, e a Névoa de Serra o Carbonato de Sódio de Visco de limão Natural é o seu nome. A Névoa de Serra é feita com verdadeiros sabores de açúcar e naturais - só 5 ingredientes simples que deixam o sabor delicioso puro do brilho de visco de limão por. É simples, delicioso, e refrescando - naturalmente!

Sierra Mist will not be main sponsor of the Brazilian Soccer Team. However, we will build a social responsibility campaign through which rural schools could compete to bring the "Adventurous" Brazil to the world.
Schools will ask their students to draw on soccer balls their local landscapes. Each school will select the best drawing, which will compete with other regional schools, and later on with the best national drawings. Selection jury will be composed by FIFA reps, Brazilian Artists, and some former Brazilian players.

The winner will have their drawings print on all practice soccer balls for all world cup teams. Also, these balls will be sold through local supermarkets, packaged with 2 lts Sierra Mist.

Ad Campaign
Sierra Mist will be launch with an ad with several "legs" (from which additional stories could be created to be communicated on different platforms and formats. The campaign will be launch on traditional and non-traditional media channels
AD (Option 1)
Rain on Rio, camera showing Rio from the sky (the Corcovado, the Crist, Ipaneama beach and the whole bay area, etc.).
Camera zooms in to show favelas at the side of the mountain
Cameras zooming in a bit more, and showing water falling on a zinc roof of a house in the favela (drums music – Brazilian percussion)
Water dipping from the roof into a can of SM.
Water fills the can, and starts flooding sierra mist, which moves down through the favela narrow streets.
The water gets to the beach, and as it gets to the ocean…instead of filming the horizon through the ocean, the camera turns around and films the water/SM transforming into the Iguaçu falls, which at its bottom, shows the
midst from where a bottle of SM emerges.
The add will close with the phrase:
"a vida é melhor do verdadeiro"
AD (Option 2)
Camera filming the Iguaçu falls from the bottom up.
As the camera approaches the top (the river) it narrows down and everything goes dark.
All of a sudden something opens up and as the camera approaches this exit, you can see light and the tip of a green plastic bottle.
The camera pans out, and it shows a very Brazilian like person drinking sierra mist.
We will "create" this person which will be "used" on all our ads from now on.
The ad will close with the phrase:
"a vida é melhor do verdadeiro"
Ad (Option 1)
Using the "EXTREME CONSEQUENCE" advertising template, the print page will show a:

Somebody sleeping with a group of Walrus (natural & refreshing)
Two brothers watching on TV the Amazon (natural)
A person being showered by an elephant (Natural & refreshing)
A person about to jump out from the Iguazu falls (natural & refreshing)

AD (Option 2)
a young good looking man/woman, drinks a bottle of SM, and through his/her
throat we can see Brazil's nature and landmarks (amazonas, beach, corcovado,
soccer, etc).

Jingle 1
Music will be the same as the one used for the TV Ad (brazilian batucada) - user "Sergio Mendes - Magalenha" (see video)

Sierra Mist está finalmente aqui para lhe trazer o aventureiro refrescante do Brasil. seus ingredientes naturais e sabor refrescante vai fazer você pedir mais Brasil e mais verão! Sierra Mist, Brasil en tu boca
Jingle 2

"Um novo carbonato de sódio bateu no mercado, e a Névoa de Serra o Carbonato de Sódio de Visco de limão Natural é o seu nome. A Névoa de Serra é feita com verdadeiros sabores de açúcar e naturais - só 5 ingredientes simples que deixam o sabor delicioso puro do brilho de visco de limão por. É simples, delicioso, e refrescando - naturalmente!
Sierra Mist...a vida é melhor do verdadeir "
We have to come up with a few lines describing sierra mist. Here is an example:
Social Media
Through a Facebook page localized from SM’s current one, a Google+ page (also to increase SEO results), a local twitter account and a YouTube channel, we will try to increase brand awareness and interaction with potential customers.

All the campaign will be centered around a hashtag

We will encourage customers to share their biggest adventure via a photo or a short video that will be shown through out the campaign.
The winners will receive prices that will go from pop material (branded t-shirts, towels, etc) to a big prize to attend to either the world cup or the carnival.

"Out of Home" Initiatives
Sierra mist will take ownership of social events related to nature/refreshing, from which the brand positioning could be supported and strengthen (trekking; mountain-biking; surfing; kite-surfing; hang-gliding; sailing; scuba diving; samba dancing, etc).

Tendao Race - http://www.tendao-run.com/#!brazil-running-adventure-race/cqwe

Branded Tandem Hang-gliding wings flying over Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.
Branded Kite surfing kites (with SM logo and colors) Branded kayaks in the Amazonas
This campaign will support the launch of Sierra Mist in Brazil. The drink will be positioned as a new and natural drink building an association between the brand, its label and colors (mountains, green and yellow) and several typical Brazilian images.
In recent years, low-income consumers (CD1) known as
strata consumers started to purchase goods (foodstuff and beverages) which before they could not access.
Having more money in their pockets thanks to social programs from the Brazilian government, has stimulated their demand for such products. These products included more non-alcoholic drinks – carbonates, fruit/vegetable juices, concentrates and sports and energy drinks – in their basic shopping baskets.
Sierra Mist will be priced according to non alcoholic beverages from A brands to target the A and B segment
It will be priced near the A Brand Cola category and the A brand Juices
The brand will be positioned to target the A segment, and to become and aspirational product for the B segment (and even some of the C segment)

Campaign Timeline &
Strategies for 2014

The Sierra mist campaign will have 4 building blocks to ensure a successful impact
Sierra Mist World Cup Campaign (cont')
We will also launch a few small local soccer winter camps for rural schools, which will be led by the former brazilian soccer players (judges)
As part of the World Cup Campaign, and with the objective to "localize" the campaign efforts, together with Adidas (official soccer ball of the world cup) we will produce a special edition of soccer balls with all the regional winning drawings, and offer them on local supermarkets.
The whole race will be branded with SM Materials:
Green branded tank tops
Flags and marks all over the race
SM Branded Helicopter flying over the race
SM Caps
SM Mist health stations along the race (where runners can stop for a second, and SM and fruits will be provided, or where hurt people could be treated)
Bring Brazil to Rio's carnival.
Using the extreme consequence (take a benefit to the extreme):
Using the Metaphor template, from the unification family (brand, product, and message fused all together metaphoring it with something related to the product):
Background of brazilian amazonas/jungle (everything very "green"). A young
man/woman stepping out of a very simple shower with the towel on (good
looking bodies in any case). Water faucets with SM Logos (in green).
Full transcript