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Duck Dynasty!

No description

elizabeth willemarck

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Duck Dynasty!

Duck Dynasty Became a show in 2012 Duck Dynasty Stars Willie Robertson and
his family. They own a Multi-Million dollar company, Duck Commander and Buck Commander. Characters Willie Robertson Willie is the CEO of Duck
and Buck Commander. Jase Robertson Jase is the brother of Willie and one of the main characters of Duck Dynasty Phil and Kay Robertson Phil and Kay are the parents of Willie, Jase, and Jep. Phil started the Duck Commander calls in 1972. Si Robertson Si is the most favored character. He is Phils brother. His trademarks are his tea cup and jug. Also he says "Hey Jack" all the time. Justin Martin. Justin is a worker for Duck Commander. John Godwin John is also a worker for Duck Commander. Missy Robertson Korie Robertson Missy is Jases Wife. Korie is Willies wife. Duck commander has roughly 8,000 dollars worth of duck calls. Worlds Largest Duck Call. The call measures 27 inches in Diameter Guiness has recorded Duck Commander as the record holder Duck Commander has a variety of Products. From Duck Calls to Sun glasses. The Men on Duck Dynasty have a trade mark... Their beards. HEY JACK!!!! Thanks For watching!
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