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No description

Ambroos Verwee

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Kite

Kite What is a Kite? A kite is a quadrillateral with two pairs of adjecent sides that are congruent. What are the properties of a Kite? - In a Kite the diagonals are perpendicular - And the angles between noncongruent sides are congruent. What does congruent mean? When something is congruent, it means that it is the same. When it is noncongruent it is different. What does perpendicular mean? What I already knew about a Kite. - I actally knew the definition and the properties of a kite already in my mother tongue but didn't know about the english words for it . Perpendicular lines are intersecting lines that form square corners. What I learned about the Kite. - I learned the English words, perpendicular, congruent and noncongruent. How I could extend or apply my knowledge. I could extend my knowledge by studying the properties and the definition of a kite, so that if I see a shape, I can immediately tell that it is a kite. What is a quadrilateral? A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides. Thanks for listening and watching! - All angles of the kite add up to 360 degrees.
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