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Transformational Change Management

Tools, methods and approach that Lorrie Tiner personally have used and recommend when addressing Organaizational Change Mangement; aka Transformational Change.

John Tiner

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Transformational Change Management

A perspective of an Enterprise Change Agent Business Change Management Change People Market & Economic Influences
Business Strategies
Mergers & Acquisitions
Product Offerings
Strategic Partnering The only constant in business is change... Program & Project Management Many methods & tools used to address change... Executive Vision & Communications
Program / Project Management
Portfolio Management (PMO)
Process Improvement & Redesign
Organizational Readiness
Vendor Management Change is the most effective when it is openly supported, frequently communicated and consistently enforced by the top... Executive Vision, Mission, Objectives & Communications Portfolio Management (PMO) Prosci Change Management Method Process Improvement & Redesign Business Community Engagement Organizational Readiness Entrepreneur of 3 start-up to acquisition businesses
Sr. Manager to VP in top 10 Fortune 100 Companies (Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America); executing PMO development & operations, new product offerings, Business & IT strategy & operations, process design & re-engineering, Change Management practices, Training & Development, Customer Service/Help Desk, Enterprise Architecture, Incident Management, Technology Solutions, Application Development, and more...
Consulting Manager/Sr. Manager leading over 100 change initiatives; merger/acquisition consolidation and restructuring, establishing Portfolio Management practices (project, application, strategy), Enterprise scorecard reporting, cost reduction & consolidation, and more... Why Lorrie Tiner... Execution and implementation of Agile to full Waterfall SDLC enterprise methodologies
Rationalization, definition and execution of standardized practices; including executive reporting & KPI measurement
Utilize Prosci Change Management Methods & Toolkit for small to large change initiatives Big picture to the smallest details; no change is too big or small to solve. Prepare for Change Define Change Management Strategy
Prepare your change management team
Develop your sponsorship model Managing Change Develop change management plans
Take action and implement plans Reinforce Change Collect and analyze feedback
Diagnose gaps and manage resistance
Implement corrective actions and celebrate successes Process Methods Tools 20+ years of Change Management Experience,
in the capacity of... VOC: Executive Management - Associate interviews, consolidation and presentation
Strategy definition, integration & plans
Stakeholder analysis & influence/power maps
Global to local Communication plans & execution
Company publications, media and promotions Readiness assessments & action plans
User Forums, Super User Groups, continuous feedback loop, suggestion repository and product/process review and prioritization.
UAT facilitation & execution; for testing and user adoption
Communications plans and execution Training Release assessment, planning & execution
Classroom, virtual and 1x1 training curriculum and execution; end to end and role specific. Training VOC; Executives, Management, Associates; interviews, assembly & assessment
Process Modeling & redesign (Visio/Provision)
Process repository, communication and measurement (KPI)
Six Sigma analysis and improvement implementation Alignment of projects to business priorities/strategies including ROI
Establishment of formal and agile Project Management methodologies and standardized practices; including enterprise reporting & PM communities
Assessment, design & implementation of various PPM solutions: PPM: HP PPM, Clarity, Sharepoint, MS Project Server, other commercial and home grown project repositories Program & Project Management Sample Meetings Project Status Meetings - weekly meeting with Project team; Business, IT, partners to discuss completed tasks, upcoming tasks, key milestone dates & status.
Project Stakeholder Meeting - bi-weekly meeting to provide program/project status with key stakeholders and obtain executive decisions. Portfolio Management (PMO) Sample Meetings Weekly PMO member meeting; bring high-level updates from project team meetings to Key PMO stakeholders and fellow PM community.
Bi-weekly Business Project submission/approval review for newly submitted requests.
Monthly PMO Strategy/prioritization with key stakeholders. This is to review, approve and prioritize requested/submitted program & project requests. These discussions include Finance, IT and Business leaders and confirm alignment to business strategies/objectives.
Additional meetings to be scheduled for establishment of PPM processes, policies, methods, tools, etc. Process Improvement & Redesign Sample Meetings Bi-weekly Process Team member meeting; review assessment results and obtain consensus on priorities of process improvement candidates. Agenda also includes cross process areas to confirm impact, required coordination and execution.
Monthly "Process News" meeting with Key stakeholders and Process Team to review process changes and status updates to be included in monthly communication to organization. Assign process SMEs and action plans for proper communmication and organizational readiness. Organizational Readiness Sample Meetings Weekly meeting with Training Dept, PMs and key stakeholders to review upcoming events; define training plans/schedules. Agendas include coordination of submission of updated materials and timelines for updates/deployments and training schedules.
Bi-weekly meetings with User/Super User community review suggestions, share status of upcoming events and obtain "pulse".
Monthly meeting with UAT members; to review upcoming releases, UAT schedules, vacation schedules, UAT Training and readiness efforts. Executive Vision, Mission, Strategy & Comms Sample Meetings Monthly meeting with Executive Leadership to review current priorities, events and confirm that previous "strategies" are still accurate, confirm modifications and communication plans.
Monthly meeting with second level Executives & Mangement to communicate updated "objectives", tracking/status of measurement and next steps.
Monthly meeting with all staff to communicate the updates from both Executive meetings as appropriate.
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