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Grade Level Retreat - 4th

No description

Katie Minkalis

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Grade Level Retreat - 4th

Unpacking Unit 2 Grade Level Retreat •How are the earth and sky portrayed in fiction and nonfiction?
•Why do people search for meaning?
•Why do people tell stories? Essential Questions Developing common understanding of the common experiences Unpacking the Unit Overview, Rationale, Explanation Reading Response Finding your rhythm, structuring your time Planning & Pacing Reflections Essential
Guiding Quick Write - Take 5 minutes to respond in writing to one or more of the essential questions Discuss with Jigsaw What were you drawn to?
What personal connections do you have?
What does it make you think about or wonder? Have no single right answer
Are designed to support inquiry, focus learning and final performance
Often address conceptual or philosophical foundations
Raise other questions
Naturally recur Has a right answer
Designed to focus a day's learning or a task
Often addresses content knowledge Ways to Use Essential Questions Post the questions
Encourage regular reflection around the questions - "How can this text deepen our understanding of (essential question)?"
Help students to personalize the questions. Have them share examples, personal stories, and hunches.
Structure regular time for students to discuss their developing understandings
Consider having students record their ongoing reflection in a journal, concept map, graffiti wall, etc Use of reflection
Formative assessment
Quick discussions
Time to process, summarize, regroup Minilessons mean planning differently
Repeated texts, different lenses
Focus is on the standard, not the "content"
Understand that the ideas you develop in minilessons are the ones you will scaffold and support in small groups/conferring in the following days/weeks This is the most important formative measure of assessment you have. Continue to model, scaffold, and support. Read Starry Night Tritina
Why do you think this poem was chosen?
How does it relate to the essential questions? Write a response to the poem. Questions,
Where are we on the journey? Debriefing on Unit 1 Survey
Examination of Summative Assessments
Collection of Artifacts
Lesson Study Supporting Each Other in Unit 2 Post in the lounge!
Email/contact Katie
Acceptance - 1st times rarely feel "good"
Lesson Study
Preparing for Unit 3 Survey on effectiveness of retreat
Expansion of Curriculum Writing Team
Drafts/materials - more expedient
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