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Marketing Plan

No description

Green Blue

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

MARKETING PLAN Lecturer: Tjong Budi
Semester I- 2010 Sanest Company Yen Sao Khanh Hoa (YSKH) is considered to be the biggest company in swift’s nest industry in Vietnam
Started up the company in 1990
Sanest bird’s nest drink, Sanest moon cake, mineral water Sanna
ENVIRONMENT Suppliers Self- Provision( more than 27 bird islands)
Modern techniques and rational exploitation
Competitors Wonderfarm
Ngan Nhi Bird Nest Customers Customer markets
Business markets ( i.e restaurants)
ENVIRONMENT Economic factors Economic development
Rise in income
Vietnam WTO membership
Financial crisis
Demographic factors Rise in population
Age structure (68.3% population falling between 15-64)
Higher intellectual standards of population
Legal factors A state- owned company
Receive the financial supports & government guidance in developing strategies
Behavioral + Income
+ Age + Occasions + Ho Chi Minh City
+ Ha Noi P3- PLACE Selective distribution channel Multichannel distribution strategy Cover almost Vietnam
Have 20 over 60 shops and outlets in HCMC
Opening more 14 shops in HCMC and 6 in other cities from Jan to Oct 2010
P4 - PROMOTION Advertising Public Relation Trade Promotion Television: 30 seconds advertisements on HTV3, HTV7, HTV9 channels
Newspapers: Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien
Webpage: vnexpress.com, 5giay.vn Sponsorship
1000th Anniversary of Thang Long- Hanoi
Healthy Everyday program
Nguyen Hue Flower Street
Offered 1 free glass having the company’s logo in it when buying a block of 6 cans
Offers free tour for 2 people to canary island when buying 2 blocks of 6 cans Get additional 10% commission if the retailers fulfill the objectives initiated by the company Sales Promotion Push - Pull Strategy P1- Product Core benefit
Actual level
Augmented product level
Core benefit level
Sannest bird nest provides beverage for customers. This core benefit of Sannest is considered the same as other beverage product Actual level
Brand name
Quality level
Package and Design Augmented level
Aftersell service
Delivery P2- Price General pricing approaches Product mix pricing strategy Price Adjustment Strategy Povide to customers outstanding bird nest drink with natural ingredients, high nutrition and perfect product safety
Sanest development is based on the new machinery system from Malaysia and ISO standard. Value-based pricing Offers three types of bundle when customers buy Sanest beverage including Sanest Cake or Sanest pure bird’s nest with a cheaper price than individual product. Product Bundle Pricing - Promotional pricing:
On Tet holiday and Mid-autumn day, Sanest’s nest bird drink product will be 10% off.
- Discount and allowance pricing:
From January to March- the time at which people spend much money on buying, every 3 blocks (6 cans/ block) of bird nest drinks purchased, customers will receive 2 bonus cans OBJECTIVES MISSION STATEMENT “We march for the true value of beauty and dedicating to the community, society and culture of Vietnam." COMPANY OBJECTIVES Attain the 1st position in manufacturing bird nest beverage market.
Getting the recognition and raising publicity awareness as the leader in raising canary techniques and innovative manufacturing process MARKETING OBJECTIVES Capturing 40% of the market share in producing bird nest beverage.
Enhancing the distribution network and channels, including big supermarket systems such as Co-op Mart, Citi- Mart, Big C, Lotte Mart.
Increasing the number of national outlets to 80.
Adjusting the size and the packaging of the product, including developing new design to attract the customers, differentiate from competitors and meet the requirement of family use or for the use as a present
FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES Achieving sales revenue of 25% per year (15 billion VND)
Increasing the net profit margin to 5% and the gross profit margin to 60%.
Reducing 6% of the production cost
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