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Scottish wars of independence

No description

Charlotte Olstad

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Scottish wars of independence

This concludes my presentation! Thank you for your attention!
The maid of Norway
Scotland's king, Alexander III set out in a storm with a small escort to see his wife. He got separated from his escort and was found dead with a broken neck the next morning.
Scotland was without a king, and the king had no heir.
First, A Bit about the war...
Scottish Wars of Independence

And How it Impacts People Today
By: Charlotte Olstad

The guardians of Scotland were chosen to watch over the throne while she grew
She was to marry Prince Edward, Son of Edward I, King of England
Alexander III had a granddaughter who lived in Norway
Treaty of Brigham
Death of Margaret
The New king
The Great Cause
John Balliol Crowned king of Scots
His was not to be a peaceful rein
Tension between England and Scotland
The new government
Interference in court
The proposed war with France
John and the guardians rebel
The war with England begins
The Battle of Dunbar
The subjugation of Scotland
Ragmans Role
Toom Tabard
William Wallace, and the revolt
The Beginnings of revolt
The revolt of the south
The north revolt
The battle resumes
The Battle of Stirling bridge
The new ruler of Scotland
The battle of Falkirk
Wallace resigns as guardian of Scotland
New leadership (again)
Rumors of return
Continued raids of Scotland
France's forced treaty with England
Surrender and betrayal
The Rise and triumph of Robert Bruce
The murder of Comyn
King Robert's disaster
Scotland's civil war
The Battle of
The end of the war
The Declaration of Arbroath
The Treaty of Edinburgh
So, that's the war, but how DOES that affect people today?

William Wallace
Robert Bruce
Black Agnes, Countess of Dunbar
Those are just SOME of the heroes of the war!

Another point...
What would Scotland
look like, or even would
there still be a Scotland
if they had lost the war?
Lots of traditional Scottish practices would also have been lost...

King Edward I dies
Robert Bruce
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