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Odyssey Oil Spill



on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Odyssey Oil Spill

Odyssey Oil Spill By: Kevin Li Location: 700 nautical miles* off the coast of
Nova Scotia
*700 nautical miles = 1296.4 kilometres. When: November 10,1988 The Tanker, the Odyssey, was registered as a ship for the Polembros Shipping LTD. Which is in Liberia. All 27 crew members died. The crew member consisted of 15 Greeks and 12 Hondurans The Tanker exploded and split to two then sank A Oil Tanker, the Odyssey, or the Oriental Phoenix exploded. there was no clean up, the oil dissolved on it's own for a very long time By: Xiao Tao Most of the oil burned up before the coast guards could reach them. it sank because of a storm, 7.6 meter waves hit it contiuously The ship was 65 000 tonnes The oil spill killed signifigant amount of Krill None of the oil reached shore day the ship departed on November 5, 1988 R.I.P It was in service since 1971 The oil spill covered 3 miles to 10 miles of the Ocean 43 million Gallons of oil was spilled
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