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True Cost of Energy: Wind

No description

Megan Hansen

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of True Cost of Energy: Wind

Understanding Energy Policy By Understanding WIND Power
What do we mean by "true cost"?
Cost to consumers
+Cost to society

True Cost
The Production Tax Credit
Federal Policies Increase the True Cost of Wind
$5 billion/year since 2009

Reduced Reliability

Opportunity Cost
RPS increase the true cost of wind.
Higher electric rates
Other negative economic impacts - Strata study

State Policies: RPS
What other factors matter? Literature Review
Lazard - $59 (mean)
NREL - $72
EIA - $80.3
Hamilton - $97
Giberson - $149
Tanton/Taylor - $151
Total Cost of Onshore Wind (per MWh):
Capital + O&M
Capital costs: $48 - $88/MWh

O&M costs: $9.8 - $21/MWh
Capacity Factor
Low: 33%

High: 41%
Giberson - $15/MWh
Taylor & Tanton - $27/MWh
Baseload Cycling
Overlooked by most studies

Giberson - $2/MWh
Taylor/Tanton - $23/MWh

Cost of Subsidies
Estimates range from $19 to $23/MWh
Future Research:
True cost of:
- solar
- coal
- natural gas

Transmission Costs
(Capital Costs) +
(Operation & Maintenance Costs) + (Capacity Factor) +
(Transmission Costs) +
(Baseload Cycling) +
(Social & Environmental Costs) +
(Federal Policies) +
(State Policies) +
(Opportunity Cost) +
(Reduced Reliability)

= True Cost of Wind Power
1. Wind power costs more than claimed

2. Taxpayers and Consumers suffer

3. Policy should be based on true cost
Policy Implications:
Grand total: 82 policies
Federal Policies
Social & Environmental Costs
Baseload cycling reduces carbon benefits

Bird & Bat deaths
Why Through Wind?
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