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New Era Colorado Asset Map

No description

Natalie Dupille

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of New Era Colorado Asset Map

Election 2012 The Brains The Dollaz
a.k.a Development The Stuff By Natalie Dupille
FGS Practicum
Fall Semester, 2012 Asset Map:
New Era Colorado Election 2012
and beyond Leadership Youth
Engagement Grassroots
Democracy People Carrie Jackson Sarah Stadler Steve Fenberg Election Staff (16) Interns Volunteers Past Experience Relationships experience in past elections
lobbying experience
organizing experience Advisory Committee Present Board of Directors Bus Federation The Bus! The Offices •Boulder
•Denver Foundations (Grants), 55% Programs, 10% Development Director PLAYERS (monthly givers), 10% Misc: Colorado Gives Day, One-Time
Donations, Email Appeals, etc., 10% In-Kind Donations from Program Partners Beer. Lots of Beer.
Space to hold events and take donations Donations at Events ex.: Debate Watch Party,
Trick or Vote Copy Machines Computers rented by staff
(for volunteer use at phone drives) Cell phones Button-makers Speakers Projectors Food Meeting Space Work atmosphere Landlines Internet Storage Space Places •Mobility all over Colorado •BUS TRIPS! Essential for carrying out mission! (Canvass for candidates,
Get Out the Vote) •Transportation to and from
New Era events Bus Drivers Program Director Development Director Executive Director Computers Salsa (Volunteer Database) Voter Activation Network Google Plus •Google Hangouts
•Google Drive (docs, spreadsheets, etc)
•Gchat New Era Colorado Website Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Boulder Denver Fort Collins/Greeley Colorado Springs/Pueblo UCCS, CC, PPCC, PCC UC Boulder, Naropa U, local bars Auraria, Mines, Metro State, CU Denver, DU, local bars UNC, CSU Major Points of Interest, Impact, Involvement Not Included: specific community events in each city where we did GOTV and Voter Reg Passion Mission and goals Commitment Drive What was at stake
in 2012 The six E's:
Equal Rights
Election Access
Economic Strengh
'Ealthcare (silent H) Our own communities Passion for politics Programs Trick or Vote Candidate Survivor Voter Registration Drive National Voter Registration Day Debate Watch Parties Bus Trips Engaging Youth! Partners Local Bars Progressive politicians across Colorado Advocates for our issues politicians
interns, volunteers, staff
business partnerships Materials T-Shirts Buttons Graphics Costumes VoteBot Press Courtney Law, Communications Specialist Rowena Nadoo, Consultant Zach Zaslow, Policy Coordinator Tim Hillman, Engineer Jenny Hampton, Energy Consultant Joe Neguse, Attorney at Law Jason Machado, PhD Candidate, CU Boulder Jill Grano, Landmark Realty Waylon Lewis, Editor Paul Wisor, Attorney at Law Daniel Ramos, Community Organizer Washington Bus Oregon Bus Project Forward Montana i.e.Vine St. Pub, Our Mutual
Friend Brewery Community activists, dedicated citizens, and nonprofits like NARAL and Planned Parenthood i.e. Brittany Petterson, Pete Lee, Mark Udall iPhones Future Partnerships Colorado-based/focused Nonprofits Major Donors, 15% Incoming college students Newly elected politicians
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