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What is hunting

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Anthony Pellegrini

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of What is hunting

Kinds of Hunting
Types of hunting include bow hunting, rifle hunting, and shotgun hunting. The two main types of hunting are called big game hunting and small game hunting. There are also upland game hunting and also waterfowl hunting.
Hunting without a license
licensing is required, so it is against the law to hunt without a license .
Why be against Hunting
People who are against hunting are against it because they think it will cause extinction by killing to much wildlife. Most of these people want it to be illegal or they at least want to put limits on it.
Why support Hunting
Some people support hunting because they believe that it balances out the environment and stops over population . Other people also support it because they need to use the meat for food and the skin for clothing.
What is hunting
Hunting is the tracking or trapping of wild animals. It is one of the oldest practices known to man. It was originally used for food, shelter, and clothing. now some people do it as a game or they do it for money.
What can you hunt
You can hunt different animals with different games. In big game hunting you can hunt white tailed deer, elk, moose, and bears. In small game hunting you can hunt animals like squirrel and rabbits. In upland game hunting you hunt birds like pheasants, quail, turkey and woodcocks. waterfowl you hunt ducks and geese.
New York state hunting
To hunt in New York state you must be at least 12 years old. If you are still hunting after 70 you don't have to pay for a permit.
How long can one hunter hunt
In big game hunting about 1 hunter hunts 14 days, in small game hunting 1 hunter hunts about11 days , and with migratory birds hunters hunt about 10 days each.
Hunting bad for the environment
Hunting can be bad for the environment by killing animals into their extinction.
Hunting good for the environment
It is balancing out the environment and prevents the animals from over populating.
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