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math rocks


coolio kid

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of math rocks

x fractions/reducing or
simplest form 3/4 x 5/10=? make both of the denominators
the same is step one step 2 is to do whatever you
x 4 by you x 3 by now whatever
you x 10 by you x 5 by. step 3 is to just put the
numerator answer over the
denominator,then you get
your answer the answer is
600/40,can you reduce it
to make it smaller? figure out yes you can reduce it
the answer is 15/2 or 7 1/2 do you know how to reduce?
if you don't follow the arrow reducing fractions here is a fraction for you to reduce
32/72 step 1
if both numbers
are even I would suggest
to do both divided by 2,
so whats 72 divided by 2 36 is your answer.
so you know that your
denominator is 36, now lets find
your numerator. step 2
do 32 divided by
2 to get your answer
of 16. now you have 16/36 can you make that smaller?
you can do the same process over
and over again to get the final
fraction if you got 4/9 you got the right answer!! What you do
to the top you
do to the bottom. remember: Enjoy your new math skills!
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