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Compulsory Sterilization

No description

A notlrahc

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Compulsory Sterilization

What happened? What happened was the
government would sterilize
people with "mental defects."
So in other words the people who
were sterilized could not have
children. Who was affected/sterilized ? immigrants
people with disability's
victims of abuse
people with a mental illness
being a person of color
aboriginal people
people with epilepsy
unwed mothers Compulsory Sterilization in Alberta and B.C. When did this happen? The government started the sterilization's in 1933
and it ended in the 1970's. Why did this happen? This event happened because the government
did not want any of these people to reproduce because
the government thought there was something wrong with them. What human rights
were violated? By; Ashlee No Torture
We are all Born Free & Equal
Marriage & Family
Fair & Free World
No Discrimination
No one can take away your Human
Rights away What was the role
of the Canadian
government in
violating these
rights? They allowed these sterilizations
to occur and they started it in the first place. What grade would the
government get for their
role in this event ? The grade I would give them while the event
was going on would be an F because,those people
will never be able to have their own children.
The grade I would give them now is an
C because they apologized to the victims and that's it. In the picture the lady in the
background is Leilani Muir
with two of her younger
relatives. Leilani was
one of the victims of the
sterilization. She attended
Provincial Training School for
two years and four months.
She had a low IQ so they diagnosed her as a "Mental Defective Moron". So she was then sterilized. Did the government
apologize and if so
when? Yes the government did apologize, and they apologized in 1999
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