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IDC: MEA Datacenter Trends

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on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of IDC: MEA Datacenter Trends

Emerging Trends in the

Middle East & Africa DataCenter trends
Impact of the The 3rd Platform in the region
Emerging trends in Middle East & Africa
Emerging trends in Middle East & Africa
Middle East & Africa DataCenter trends
The MEA Datacenter market has witnessed a change in adoption trends over the past few years. Organizations across the region are investing in various infrastructure upgrade and application modernization initiatives to support their growing business requirements. At the same time, organizations are also aiming to control their IT spending overheads. Often faced with limited IT skills and budgets, organizations have turned to third party datacenter service providers for their hosting requirements.
Datacenter Infrastructure space has witnessed major changes as a result of of the 3rd platform.These have to be necessarily adopted by all enterprises in order address the evolving demands created by data, devices, applications and consumers

Efficiency and Scalability have become the key datacenter priorities with growing emphasis on flexible deployment and capital savings

Enterprises are aiming to cut their CAPEX by reducing their on-premise infrastructure and also reduce OPEX by efficient datacenter management. Co-location, modular datacenters and converged infrastructure will see momentum owing efficiency and cost cutting measures

Green IT will become a topic of grave importance considering both the cost and efficiency of datacenter management

Key Trends
Consolidation Driving Virtualization
Growth witnessed in Cloud adoption
Public sector playing a dominant role in driving ICT investments
Social technologies facilitating further change and modernization
Explosion in consumer-related IT products/services
Asian vendors ramping up investments in African

CIO Key Priorities
41% of ME CIOs rank Mobility as a strategic focus
Big data/analytics projects will change the way businesses make decisions
Strong business shift to more capital efficient models – cloud, outsourcing, etc
CIOs will seek to move enterprise social networks beyond the pilot stage
Mobility becoming an integral part of MEA enterprise IT strategies
Emerging markets will drive mobile device price points way down
Impact of mobility comes with a host of additional challenges for the CIO
51% concerned about security risks (and policy)
78% business users demanding BYOD policy

The MEA public cloud market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 46.9% between 2012 and 2017 (2012: US$ 213.6M; 2017: US$ 467.8M)
Positive opinion across MEA, tangible benefits -cost reduction, ability to access best in class technology, lower capex and overall efficiency improvement
Local and international IT service providers are targeting cloud enablement opportunity aggressively
Security, bandwidth quality and costs, and a general lack of understanding is holding back real adoption of cloud

Software Defined Datacenter
Virtulization in the Datacenter
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Impact of the 3rd Platform in MEA
Big Data & Analytics
Analytics demand will begin to drive Big Data conversations
Greater demand for specific analytics capability around CRM, supply chain, and asset management is Expected going forward
In MEA, Line-of-business (LOB) users will demand analytics tools to support operational intelligence
BFSI & Telco sectors continue to be at the forefront – due to governance initiatives, regulation & performance mgmt

Social Technologies
Companies will look to social interaction data to improve enterprise decision making from both operational and strategic perspectives.
Social business is also becoming embedded into IT’s software product portfolio
As social business expands, other key areas such as product development (ideasourcing / innovation management) and customer service (community & social listening) will leverage the social platform innovatively

Smart Cities
Smart initiative is aimed at transforming local service delivery by interlinking key public and private sector services
Middle East region has an advantage in smart city evolvement.
Most of the smart city initiatives are 'work in progress'
Efficient DataCenters
The need for efficiency in Datacenters is spurring new trends- Outsourcing, Converged Infrastructure and Modular Datacenters
The key concern that envelops the third platform and all new Datacenter innovations is energy utilization
One of the unique challenges in the MEA region is that free to air cooling cannot be utilised because of the extreme outside temperatures. Power efficiency is a key concern since typically power is 40-50% of the data center’s operational cost.
Zeeshan Gaya
MEA IT Spending
Investment Roadmap in the Middle East

*IDC Enterprise Mobility Trends and Priorities survey, 2013

Q: Does your organization have an
organization-wide mobility strategy in place?*

As of 2013, there is over 50% virtualization adoption in the MEA region
Virtualization adoption has been the top business and IT strategy among CIO's in 2013-2014
IDC expects that companies across MEA will continue to virtualize their IT environments in order to consolidate their IT as they look to reduce their level of CAPEX and improve their ROI
Industry sectors with large infrastructure build outs are more likely to adopt virtualization. For example, the Oil & Gas, Government  and Telecoms segments are the foremost virtualization adopters
Desktop, network, storage, and application virtualization initiatives are expected to gain momentum in the short term
Zeeshan Gaya
Research Manager
Enterprise Group
Middle East, Turkey & Africa
Source: IDC’s Middle East CIO Survey (Jan-Feb 2014) N=111
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