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Ancient Egypt

Finaly done

BenonTheKing #Bking

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt
By: Benjamin Musiak (or Moose)
Rise Of Civilization
4500 BC - AD 400
NE Africa 30 degrees N. latitude
Causal Factors
My Map
Human Geography
They made basin to store water during the dry summer. Egypt was hard to invade because of
(strong rapids) in the Nile made it hard to sail. The desert and Red Sea were hard to cross. Hunting-gatherers were attracted to the source of water and wheat, barley, fruits, vegetables, cattle, sheep, fish, geese and ducks. The Nile river had
and other natural barriers.
began with the 3rd
2200 BC - 2206 BC.
(ruled Egypt in 2500 BC) was a cruel
(means great house ad ruled as a god to Egyptians) but who served him were well fed. Another
he came to power in 1200 BC. The youngest and most likely the most famous PHAROH:
he was on the throne at 8 and died at 18. Some say that the tomb is cursed. Most
to be there tomb. The Egyptians were excelent
. The pharaohs were MUMMIFIED in the tomb. If you were to go into the tomb now all the gold would be gone, that is because grave robbers stole it all.
The Egyptians traded with the Sinai Peninsula, Asia, and Greece. They traded copper, turquoise, gold, Leopard skin and other minerals. A hunting group from south west Asia the Hyksos invaded and ruled for 200 years. The Egyptians finely made a resistances and in the mid 1500 BC Ahmose drove out the Hyksos. Ahmose called him self king.
Physical Geography
The Nile gave life to the dessert with out it nothing would grow. The Nile is the longest river in the world (4000 miles) Egyptians lived in a 750 mile stretch. The river flowed south to north thus upper Egypt was south and lower Egypt was north. The Nile delta Is in lower Egypt, it is when the Nile spreads out into the Mediterranean
King tut
The great
The Egyptian writing system or
would seam bozo to us for example: a folded cloth, a leg, a star, a bird and a man holding a stick. Can you guess what it means? It means to teach (witch is what I am doing right now).
was one of the first writing systems in the world. At first they used stone but later they learned how to make
a hard, durable material but could easily be rolled into scrolls. Seance
lasted so long we can read many of the books they had back then such as the book of the dead witch tells of the
. We did not know how to read
, but the a french solider found the
Rosetta Stone
, a stone slab with Egyptian, greek and demonic. And seance we new greek we figured out what Egyptians were saying. Other than the pyramids they is not much else to see, NOT. You could see the temples of the gods or even the
. The
are the gardains of the tomb they look like the body of a lion and the head of a lady or other animal.
are a tall four sided pillar with a point on the top. A temple Abu Simbel has three and one half statues of Ramses the Great
"'What do you see'".
'The most wonderful things'
That was the exchange when Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon opened the tomb of King Tutankhamen"
Mcdougal, Holt. World History: Ancient Civilizations through the Renaissance. S.l.: Holt Mcdougal, 2012. Print.
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